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2022 June Intensive Economics Revision Classes!

Accelerated-learning A-Level Econs revision lessons for JC 1 & 2 students who want to secure their desired Econs distinction with maximum certainty! With 100% complete exam techniques for essays and case studies, unmatched predictions of the questions and superior time management strategies, you will achieve your desired ‘A’ grade.

The lessons are most suited for you if you

i) did not fare as well as you wanted in your school Promos or Prelim exams, or

ii) managed a Pass grade (‘E’), but fears your grade stays the same for the eventual Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics, or

iii) obtained grades “C” or “D”, but know that if you have more concrete exam techniques of the higher order thinking skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation, you will be able to secure your distinction grade, or

iv) realised that certain topics still prove uncertain or ‘volatile” in performance, especially Elasticity concepts, Market Structures, Exchange Rates & Policy, Globalisation, etc. Our timed practice will help to gain the overall confidence you need in your upcoming Econs exams.

Our Edge

Discover How We Help Our Economics Learners To Carve Out A Priceless Advantage – By Predicting The Forthcoming Exam Questions With Unmatched Precision.

Exam Prediction


Hears What Our Students Are Saying

Many have their success quickly and surely. Yours is only an exam paper away.

“The Econs Tutors at Adam Smith Learning Centre have been amazing in helping me and my friends! All of us don’t know how to do well in A-Level H2 Economics essay and case study questions, especially what the questions are asking for specifically.
Their Economics tuition lessons are very effective in helping JC students help themselves in answering any question (I really mean it, ANY question) that could possibly come out.
They are definitely one of the best Economics tuition & tutors in Singapore right now. Also, their model essays and case study answers were superb and helped me tremendously. ????
This is the only subject I wasn’t sure of doing well throughout my 2 years. Thanks to the tutors, I got my straight As, and surely my choice scholarship. “

Charmaine Chew

A-Level H2 Economics Singapore, Raffles Institution Junior College (RI)

Not only are the Econs tutors at Adam Smith Learning Centre very skilled and experienced at the teaching of concepts and the impart of exam techniques, the lessons are very lively, engaging and fun!!

Heng Li Wei

A-Level H2 Economics Singapore, St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC)



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Our Methodology


1. Understand All Exam Requirements


2. Content Mastery


3. Exam Skills Enhancement


4. Superior Time Management


5. Revision Practice Based On Predictions For This Year


What You Need to Know but not Told to You

How Did A-Level Economics Get So Difficult?
  • There is a lot of effort and difficulty involved in learning Economics. After all, many GCE ‘A’ Level and IB students have no prior experience and in Economics during ‘O’ levels.
  • 100% OF THE CONTENT is new to most. So, there is a steep learning curve to learning Economics at Advanced level.
  • Under the COMPULSORY contrasting subject system, no ‘A’ Level student can take purely Science-based subjects or Arts-based subjects.

    Science students, favour Economics over History or Literature as the contrasting subjects.

    Arts students choose Economics over Physics or Chemistry.


    …Students who have no prior knowledge of Economics, no advanced Economics essay writing and case studies, yet they have no choice but to do Economics…

Does These Sound Familiar To You Or Your Child?
  • You read all the lecture notes you are given by your school. But because you do not know how to structure an essay answer, you rarely get even a ‘Pass’ for Economics, when you do your class assignments, sit for lecture tests, block tests, Promos exams, etc.
  • You spent lots of time practicing on how to write good essays and case studies answers, but invariably you get increasingly disappointed that each time you get back your answer script, it’s always LESS than what you believe you deserve, given the MORE and MORE time and effort you put in…
  • You’re starting to lose interest in Economics… and that loss of interest strangely spreads to Literature, History, Chemistry, China Studies in English, ……
Can Learning & Exceling In A-Level Economics Be Easier?
  • You need not struggle to learn key Economics concepts.
  • You do not even need 100% of the concepts to secure your Economics distinction.
  • You need not (over)-practice, so as to be well versed in the subject. In fact, if you have a sound approach, you should be able to answer all kinds of questions the GCE ‘A’ Level or IB paper can pose.
  • You need not undergo regular tuition for too long. By learning the core exam strategies, you will be able to breeze through Economics.
What You Will Learn In Our Lesson?
  • How to write a KILLER Introduction that will work for you EVERYTIME.
  • How to get rewarded with marks for EVERY sentence you write down on your answer scripts.
  • How to NEVER go out of point in your essay answers, no matter for Microeconomics or Macroeconomics .
  • How to NEVER lose marks for Evaluation that the question requires.
  • How to be consistently graded Level 3 for Analysis (Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what I’m referring to)
  • And a dozen other tips, strategies and resources that will make a difference to your learning and results for ‘A’ Level Economics!]
And With Our 5 Steps Approach You Will
  • In our Econs tuition in Singapore, answer any Economics Essay and Case Study question, regardless of what the questions are testing … because you are equipped with the vital exam skills and techniques.
  • Build a solid foundation in the Economics key concepts.
  • Be able to go from feeling depressed in class toimpress your friends and tutors.
  • Be able to consistently produce top Economics grades for your Common Test, Block Tests, Promotional Exams, Preliminary Examinations, Actual GCE ‘A’ Level or IB Economics Papers
  • Be a success in your two years of JC life, and stay confident even after the 2 fun yet critical years.
  • Spillover your academic success to your other JC subjects, especially GP (General Paper), PW (Project Work), KI (Knowledge and Inquiry), History, Literature, Geography and any other Humanities ‘A’ Level subjects. The 5-step approach we teach in our Economics lessons works well in your other subjects too.
  • Have access to exam techniques and superior test methods that will even see you through to your university years, regardless of whether you major in Economics or not!
  • The Best Part is – You CAN Do It EVEN If You Have Not Managed a Pass in Economics To date. All you need is the know-how…

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