A-Level Integrated Programme Economics Tuition

A-Level IP Economics Tuition in Singapore

Are you looking for customised and specially catered A-Level Integrated Programme (IP) Econs tuition lessons for your child or your self?

Are you a Senior High pupil from one of Singapore’s local secondary schools who run the 6-year IP program (an example would be National Junior College or NJC), looking to boost your JC subjects and topics, so that you can excel in your eventual GCE A-Levels?

Then our specially-designed lessons will fit your needs and requirements.

A sizable portion of secondary students attend in IP schools, such as

i) Nanyang Girls,

ii) Raffles Institution,

iii) NJC,

iV) Dunman High School (DHS), etc.

One special note is that these students do not need to take the GCE ‘O’-Level examinations.

As such, it is no surprise their instructional programme the schools offering Integrated Programs do differ greatly from that of the typical secondary schools.

In fact, their curriculum design and hours spent in the class may be significantly lesser than that of the standard curricula. This implies that some IP pupils may miss the rigour of the O-Level exam preparation, drilling and practice, which actually do prove useful for the eventual GCE A-Levels.

Therefore, in order to address the above problems, our A-Level IP tuition lessons for Econs will serve you well for your specific needs.


A-Level IP Tuition – Complete IP Tutors’ Materials for Home Tutoring Use

Due to to the exclusive needs of the students of the IP education system in Singapore, our core team of lecturers and tutors have carved out a series of

1) Schemes of Work

2) Subject Lesson Plans (SLPs)

3) Specific Topical Focus (STF), etc,

just for those enrolled in IP JCs and secondary schools. In short, we have ready-made, yet customised home tuition lessons, designed to suit the exact needs of each and every school.

Thanks to our huge network of teachers, we have A-Level IP tutors with experience teaching IP students. Coupled with the JC teachers’ input and help, the resultant IP tuition course for senior high school pupils and those in years 5 & 6 will truly bridge the learning and assessment gap for missing out on sitting for Cambridge O-Levels.

This is only possible simply because we have both groups of H1 and H2 Econs tuition teachers – IP tuition ones and the JC A-Level ones. Both sets of expertise, skills and experience are critical for the successful preparation and implementation of our A-Level IP tuition revision program.

As of now, we have fully customised for all the IP schools the following:

1. IP tuition for H1 Economics

2. IP tutorial materials for H3 Econs (SMU Game Theory Module, Cambridge Higher 3, JC In-house Module)

3. IP tuition for H2 Econs (Language Arts)

(Click to read more about the intensive course)

Indeed, we have a customised solutions for Economics, whereby students not only learn about the working of the market, Market Mechanism, they also get to learnt how to structure a business that is successful and profitable, in real life!

How’s that for encouraging entrepreneurship in youths in Singapore?

So call us now at https://m.me/adamsmithlc, and enjoy your integrated programme tuition education soonest!

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