A-Levels Econs Tuition For Adults & Mature Students

Top 5 Reasons Why Adults In Singapore Choose To Attempt The A-Level Exams

How many of you know of an adult person who has decided or has taken the GCE A-Level exams in Singapore recently?

How many of you of an adult person who has decided to take the GCE A-Level exams recently purely fun?

In our yearly experience, we have about 10% of our annual student base who are considered “mature students”. These adults, according to our findings, have taken the A-Levels, due to the following:

1. They are the concerned & worried parents

They want to help their child in their upcoming A-Levels – but have little idea on how to… usually, the main is reason is that, they are no longer familiar with the subject in question.

For example, for JC Economics, how many adults are able to demonstrate the higher ordeer thinking skills of applicaruin, analysis and evaluation?

In addition, even if they can recall the topical knowledge, most parents and adults realise that the exam format and the assessment scope have changed markedly.

For example, in the case of Economics for  A-Level, the exam scope has changed from the use of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to a heavy component on Econs case studies.

Therefore, a handful of mature students join us in the classes and home private tuition for H2 & H1 Economics, just to give their kids a helping hand!

2. They wish to have a complete and satisfactory A-Level results

How many of you realise that the General Certificate of Education (GCE) “A” (Advanced) Levels is worth doing well?

Very well!

After all, aren’t the results of the A-Levels the main determinant of

i) which university faculty / major you end up in,

ii) the company you are going to work in,

iii) the social circle you are you to build, and

iv) most likely the life partner or spouse-to-be you are going to spend your life with?

Hence the reason of a slight rise in the number of A-Levels applicants in adults and mature students is that, previously, they did not fare as well as they wished they had. So now, a re-sit is an opportunity is set the academic record straight.

3. A personal challenge to conquer

Some adult students who retake the A-Level have a simple reason. They love the challenge of formal exams. A personal friend of ours is a perfect example. He attempted the H2 Economics paper after attending our JC Econs tuition lessons, and this time, secured the elusive distinction after obtaining a “B”, when he was in JC.

And now, he is contemplating going for a bigger challenge – the H3 Mathematics paper!


A-Levels for Adults & Mature Students – Career Considerations

4. A possible career switch

Believe it or not, we have an adult gentleman who came us to us, searching for JC Econs tuition help.


He was going to base his exam results to decide if he should join the Ministry of Education (MOE) and NIE, to switch to a teaching career.

(More on teaching opportunities here)

5. To be a fully qualified A-Level subject tutor

Last but no the least, this is the most pragmatic reason. Some “A” Levels mature pupils and adults in our population came to us, simply because they want to turn full time tutoring of their subjects.

In our recall there was lady who was retrenched from her work. Armed with a law degree, she began to offer JC H1 Economics.

With our help, we guided her to become a full fledged tuition teacher, by

1) Going for the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Training (CIDTT)

2) Accessing to out full set of Econs tutorial questions and lesson materials

3) Training her to sharpen up her teaching and lesson delivery skills and questioning techniques.

So which reason is your main reason to redo the A-Levels?

Join us now in our A-Level lessons, and we will help you to realise your academic dreams!

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