Economics Intensive Programmes

 “A JC Econs Student With A Grade Percentile of 1% in her JC2 Block Test 2 Obtained Her ‘A’ After Tuition Lessons With Adam Smith Learning Centre!”

Who Else Wants The Surest & Safest Way To A Distinction Grade For JC Economics?

“Thank you Sir! it’s unbelievable that I got my Econs distinction, after merely this 10 lessons of intensive Econs revision with you!!!

Although my own sister did obtain her “A” with you, she attended your regular classes. I was a “last minute” case, and had been getting ‘S’ or ‘E’ since day one. With the focus of the revision lessons focusing on mainly exam techniques such as the skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation, honestly, it’s difficult not to score in this easy subject.

Now, I have to agree with you: Economics is really scorable! Really fun and easy!! Thank you!

Chloe Wan, Yishun JC, H2 Econs
National Junior College (NJC)
A-Level H2 Economics Singapore

Intensive So you want an ‘A’ grade for your Economics. So is our wish for you! And as long as you possess the following 3 keys, you are well on your way to the grade you deserve: 1. Mastery of main Econs concepts 2. Exam answering techniques 3. Good time management  

Intensive Revision Programmes for The Year:

A. March Holidays Exams Skills (to be confirmed. Please call for details)

B. June Intensive Programme

C. NDP Holidays Tuition Classes (to be confirmed. Please call for details)

D. September Holidays Tutorials

E. JC2 Post-Prelims Exam Preparation

F. JC1 Post-Promos (Nov) Bridging Course  


For H1 Intensive Programme, do click here.


Econs Intensive Revision Programme – What To Expect To Learn:

For both GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Economics (9757 / 9732) as well as GCE ‘A’ Level H1 Economics (8823 / 8819), despite the different weighting of the essays and case studies components, the set of exam skills and techniques are the same.   List of Key Concept Topics:

  1. Domestic Economy – Inflation, Unemployment and Economic Growth
  2. Macroeconomics Policies – Demand- & Supply-Side Management Polices; Evaluation of Policies Techniques
  3. International Trade, Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Globalisation and Protectionism
  4. Balance of Payments (BOP) and Exchange Rates
  5. Market Failure: Externalities, (De)merit Goods and Public Goods
  6. Elasticity Concepts and Theory of Demand & Supply
  7. Market Structures and Cost Theory (For H2 students only)


Core Exam Skills for Econs Essays & Case Studies:

Essay Answering Techniques; Case Study Exam Skills; Ability to apply concepts, deep analysis of Economics issues, and sound evaluation of policies and problems.   Exam Question Paper Predictions: On top of it all, we help you to predict. Besides the overall revision for Economics Essays & Case Studies, predictions for the exams is also critical to your distinction grades! Each topic has its own focus on either essays, case studies or both. For example, trade topic is the main candidate for case studies. Inflation is hot favourite for essays. Effectively, we will be predicting the entire Economics papers for you before you sit for your exams!   So join us on our to your ‘A’ grade. Do NOT leave it to chance. Call us at now!