Economics Tuition Products

Do you know that we do not merely conduct Economics tuition lessons for JC students (H1 Economics & H2 Economics) at our Bishan tuition centre?

Do you know we offer more than Econs home tuition for IB Economics pupils and A-Level Econs students?

We actually offer a set of Economics lesson products for purchase – by both students and private Econs tutors?


For starters, we have 3 books for use in the Economics classroom regular lessons (see the Econs tuition class schedules here):

1) Economics Content Mastery Notes

2) Economics Essay Exam Skills Workbook

3) Economics Case Study Answering techniques Workbook.


The 2 workbooks are expected to be competed in the following, and available for purchase. Kindly call our administrator at for details. Bulk purchase discounts available.


Econs Lesson Products – Economics Tuition Intensive Lessons

Besides the regular classroom lessons, we also conduct selective Econs intensive lessons, especially for Econs pupils who are busy during the CCAs season (lessons in June) and the JC2 post-prelim A-Level exam intensive revisions (lessons from October)

Do give us a call at for more information.


Happy Revision!