Economics Mini Group Tuition

Quality Yet Affordable – Economics Mini Group Tuition

Looking for a highly experienced and qualified Economics tutor who can bring you to the elusive Econs distinction grade as fast as possible, yet worried about the expensive hourly rate that these tutors charged?

Worry not, as we have the perfect solution for you – an Economics mini group tuition!!

At Adam Smith Economics Tuition Center, we realise that not all Econs tutors are created equal. And we understand that most JC Econs students want to excel at this rigorous subject. The most direct way is to get the best Economics tutors to help achieve your aims.

However, the tuition rate for such Econs teachers are very high, at easily S$120 per hour or more!

Therefore, the best way is to gather a few friends, say 3 friends to form a mini group tuition for A-Level Econs.


Here are the benefits of having a mini group tuition:

1. Undivided attention. The 2 or 3 of you can have the super tutor Econs, all by yourself, with (almost) undivided attention.


2. More quality time for quality questions and quality answers. Need we say more?


3. Unfair access to the Econs star tutor!┬áThe Econs tuition teacher will make himself /herself available to the mini group before and after lessons. Expect to be able to reach him on SMS, Reach Telegram app messages, and even Facebook groups. Well, you can surely obtain your ‘A’ faster!


4. Lower tuition costs incurred. For example, if you split $120/hr among 3 JC Econs students, each incurs only $40. To incur S$40 only, and get to be coached by Singapore’s best Economics lecturers and tutors, especially the school tuition tutors, it has to be worth it. After all, there are very much sought after, for the fact that they are able to churn out distinction grades effortlessly!


So wait no further. Call us at, before these top Econs tutors’ schedules become fully booked for the year!