Economics Small Group Tuition

Are you one who prefers who learns in smaller group setting, so that you do get to ask more questions on Economics topics and questions, while you receive more attention from the Econs tutor?

Do you prefer to study in a small group for JC Economics, among your own close friends, and yet able to receive Economics tutoring help?

If yes, then we have the perfect answer for you?


At Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre, we take into account your learning preferences of Economics. After all, certain Economics concept, theories and principles are difficult to grasp at one go, and you will have to clarify your doubts when the need arises.


Hence the creation of our small group tuition for Economics. Aiming at about 4 to about 8 JC Econs students, you can have


1. Your smaller group lessons at our Bishan Economics tuition center. More details on the location and how to get to our JC tutoring centre near Junction 8 here.


2. Your small tuition groups at the comfort of the homes of one of your friends. Upon request, we are able to make a trip to yur own house, yet with full equipment such as portbale projectors, flip charts, huge markers, etc.

3. At an external location. For example, we had a fairly small group of 5 pupils from Jurong Junior College (JJC), who ha their JC2 Post-Prelim GCE A-Level Economics intensive revision at one of the community clubs in Jurong area, near Chinese Garden. The students rented the small room and our Econs tuition teacher conducted a series of 6 lessons over at Jurong.


So if you prefer the more relaxed setting of group tuition in small numbers, kindly contact us at, and we will cater to your very needs!