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Congratulations to our Econs tuition students who have done well for their JC Economics exams and for the GCE “A” Levels! Our Economics tutor and lecturer, Mr Jack Tan (read his profile here) have the privilege and great fortune to have taught numerous JC Economics students, and are very proud to see so many of them securing the grade they deserve and desire. 

Here are some of the testimonials for our Econs tutor, expressing their thanks and gratitude. These select few – definitely not exhaustive – Econs tutors’ testimonials – what some of our students and parents feel of our Econs tuition lessons, revision and intensive programmes:  


See What Our JC Economics Students Are Saying RE Our Econs Tutors:

I joined Adam Smith Learning Centre just 3 weeks before Prelim for my Econs. I had an S for the exam before prelim and got an E for prelim . I believed in my self and persevered, under the guidance of the wise and intelligent Economics tutors.

In the end I scored an A for the A levels!! Thanks Adam Smith and your Econs tutors, and your highly recommended Econs tuition

Matthew Rajendra, H1 Economics St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC)


The teacher in the centres heavy emphasis on skills like analysis, application and evaluation that helped me to analyse the question better and allows me to have a better idea on how to go about applying them in the content to answer the question requirement.

Claire Phee, H1 Economics Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)


Talented and Helpful Econs Tutors!

Before I started attending J2 Econs tuition classes at Adam Smith Learning Centre, I had great difficulty with Economics at the H2 level. I did not have a solid grasp on many Economics concepts and was unable to structure my answers to get the best possible score within the time limit for case study questions and essay questions.

However, with the help of the team of skilled and helpful tutors, Mr Tan and Mr Yeo, I discovered the tips and tricks of getting an ‘A’ for H2 Economics at the GCE A-Levels. The Economics tutors would explain concepts and strategies in a simple, concise and direct manner which made understanding the techniques for answering questions easier, saving me unnecessary time and effort. They also structured the Econs lessons in a systematic manner which made following it easy.

Furthermore, Mr Jack Tan is a very engaging Econs tuition teacher! He is very energetic, and really made lessons fun and effective. Really, every lesson of 2 hours was very well spent, and I saw myself learning key concepts clearly, learning new sets of exam techniques and still have the opportunity to be better equipped with the exam skills by practising them.

Soon, I beganjack_tan_benefits to realise that Economics is indeed SCORABLE!

Lastly they are truly caring teachers who constantly motivated us and reassured us that we could do well, giving us the confidence to succeed.

This was most evident in the pep talks he would give before class especially as the A-Levels drew near. the individual, personalised notes of encouragement he gave us on our final lesson, the consistent patience he displayed when answering questions we had both during and after class and the way he made himself avail to us by phone and email.

Mr Tan was truly a dedicated Economics tutor who had both the heart and the ability to teach his students. I believe that I owe my vast improvement from grades like E and S during school tests to finally to my grade A at the UCLES “A” Levels to his effective examinations-oriented approach and patient guidance.

Therefore, I highly recommend H2 Economics tuition classes at Adam Smith Learning Centre to students struggling still. For those who believe they understand the content but find themselves unable to score during examinations especially, his lessons will be useful in helping them re-angle their answers and change their approach to be awarded the score they really deserve.

Eugene Chay, H2 Econs Serangoon Junior College (SRJC)


Superb Econs exam answering techniques!

Mr Tan was very good at helping JC2 H2 Econs students who do not know what A-Level Economics essay and case study questions are asking for specifically. His Econs tuition lessons are very effective in helping JC students help themselves in answering any question (I really mean it, ANY question) that could possibly come out. He is definitely one of the best Economics tutors in Singapore right now. Also, his model essays and case study answers were superb and helped me tremendously. 🙂 This is the only subject I wasn’t sure of doing well throughout my 2 years. Thanks to Mr Tan, I got my straight As, and surely my choice scholarship.

Charmaine Chew Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC / RJC) A-Level H2 Economics Singapore


Mr Tan is a very good Economics tuition teacher, and I believe, one of the best in Singapore. I find him very patient and is always willing to teach his knowledge and exam skills with the students. I think that all the students including my daughter, Siew Ching are all very happy with him teaching them. They really enjoyed his Workshop very much. I could still recall 2 months ago, when I found my daughter crying in her room. She felt miserable for failing to understand Economics. I felt so helpless as I wasn’t able to help her in her work at all. I regretted delaying to get help in her school work. I was totally wrong. I decided to sign her up for the Econs tuition with Adam Smith tuition agency. What a difference the workshop made! Now my kid is so confident in her ‘A’ Levels!

Mrs Fong, Parent of Siew Ching GCE A-Level, JC2 H1 Economics Tampines Junior College (TPJC)


As a student, I have always enjoyed Economics, however, I have never been able to pass the subject. During the June holidays, I decided to look for help for my upcoming mid-year exams. When Mr Tan first spoke with me on the phone, i was doubtful and apprehensive when he said that he could guarantee that I would score an A in any Econs exam so long as I followed his Economics exam skills, strategies and methods for essays and case studies. True enough, in 5 lessons Mr Tan has liberated my fear of the economics paper and I saw for myself how easy it is to excel in the subject. With the new found sense of confidence in econs, the paper i used to dread the most, has become my best subject. Mr Tan is an experienced Economics tutor who knows what markers want and are looking for. His methods will be able to transform even the weakest students, to A graders in the shortest time possible! 🙂

Aaron Tan Nanyang Junior College (NYJC), JC2 H2 Economics


Mr Tan is excellent in the IMPART of exam skills, and the skills taught can tackle ANY essay and case study! He tutored me in just 5 lessons. Mr Tan is definitely the one you should seek help from if you want to secure your Economics grade A in the easiest and fastest time!

Ang Seow Li, SAJC JC2, H2 Economics


Econs Tuition SG – More Economics Tutor’s Testimonials!

I was receiving tuition at another centre for about $700 a month! But my Econs grades were not improving. Then, I went to Mr Tan’s class at Bishan. To my surprise, it was very productive, from the very first lesson! I like the way he deciphered the case study paper, so that I actually knew and could pre-empt what questions can appear in the actual exam! Please keep up the good work on A-Level Economics, Mr Tan!

Debbie Ong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), H2 Economics


I’m an Econs private tutor myself. When I met Jack, I found him an excellent trainer, who puts everyone at ease. What pleasantly surprised me was that he made a very tough subject in ‘A’ Level in a very simple, step-by-step approach that’s so easy to follow. I guarantee that you will pick up lots of tips during the Exam Skills Workshop.

Jeremy Toh Full Time Private Home Economics Tutor Singapore (Mr Toh has many students from Yishun Junior College (YJC) and Anderson Junior College (AJC))


As a student who has been constantly failing Economics in both JC 1 and JC 2, Mr Tan played a significant role in helping me attain my A grade at ‘A’ Levels. His approach to making learning Econs effortless is a mark of an ace teacher; a rare individual among the pool of teachers in Singapore.

Beatrice Choong, St. Andrew’s Junior College GCE ‘A’ Level Singapore

I was undecided about whether to go to JC (Junior College) or a Polytechnic, as I was told that JC subjects are very difficult to score. When my friend told me of Mr Tan’s exam skills workshop that has worked for her subjects such as Economics, GP and History, I waited no more to join a JC, as I knew that difficulty is no longer a worry. Thank you very much, Mr Tan!

Azlina Zakariah JC1 H2 Economics, JC2 Millenia Institute (MI), Singapore


Mr Tan is able to capture the essence of question requirements and formulate accurate answers to impart to students. This equips me with the ability to think in a versatile yet balanced manner while applying his unique method, thus ensuring that questions are strategically tackled. Under his tutelage, that elusive A grade for Economics is now reality.

Mandy Leung SAJC JC2, St. Andrew’s Junior College A-Level H1 Economics Singapore


Honestly, I’ve never done well in my entire JC1 for Econs. Usualy, I get either grades “E” or “S”. When I went for the Exam Skills Workshop, I realised that Mr Tan has cracked the code for exceling in Economics. I applied what was told in the step by step process and voila, I got my 1st “A” in this year’s Block Test 1 in March. Yeah! Thanks a million Sir!

Lee Yew Liang Current JC2 Student Singapore, Catholic Junior College (CJC)


If You Have Only The Resources To Get Your Child One Tuition Teacher, He Is The One!

The Economics lesson my son had with Jack really paid off. Firstly and most importantly, or his confidence. Now I believe that Jonathan (my son) is capable of excelling in his ‘A’ levels, and even his university studies. A second surprise is that Jonathan is beginning to explore new interests, such as selling things on the internet. Apparently, Jack has shared other useful ideas from his very own extensive experience. We got more than what we hoped. Luckily I switched his private Economics tuition teacher for him.

Mdm Yeo, Parent of Jonathan Yeo GCE ‘A’ Level Singapore, Innova Junior College (IJC)

Adam Smith Econs tuition centre teaches you a whole host of Economics exam techniques that my teachers never ever talked about.

Not only are the Economics concepts well taught and chapters summarised, more importantly, we are exposed to more exam strategies for case studies and essays. I am definitely more exam smart now!

Christine Tan Meridian Junior College (MJC) JC1 H2 Economics

At JC2, I realized that my foundation in Economics was considerably weak. Handing up quality essays was a challenge in school, and with the impending A Levels, I decided that tuition would be really helpful. I was taught by Mr Tan at Adam Smith in Bishan- he was an excellent teacher.

Apart from teaching us the upcoming syllabus, he consistently reviewed past topics which addressed the root cause of my problem- my weak foundation. He also displayed a kindness and graciousness which encouraged me when I felt I was falling far behind. If not for him, I would have never been able to make the jump from an S in Prelims to a distinction in the A levels. Thank you Mr Tan! Thank you Adam Smith Learning Centre!

Deborah Koh H1 Economics Serangoon Junior College (SRJC)

I am glad to submit my testimonial for Mr Steve Yeo, H1 econ tutor is able to explain the concepts and theories easier for the student to understand.

Kelvin Bok H1 Economics Duman High School (DHS)

Mr Tan really know his stuff about the new A-Level Economics exam requirements. I believe he’s the best Economics tutor in Singapore. It took me so long to realise that re-writing and summarising my notes over and over again will not help. Fortunately, I went to his class early enough to eventually secure my distinction. I secured my scholarship in the end. Nigel Ho, National Junior College (NJC), H2 Economics

One of The Top Economics Tuition Teacher!

A big THANK YOU to Mr Jack Tan! He is an awesome tutor who makes H2 Econs tuition classes enjoyable and engaging.

I appreciate his guidance and he is one who is easy to approach to ask questions. His approach to handling Economics essay and case study questions is very eye opening and I really began to develop a habit of writing one essay every week.

With the answering techniques taught, plus the assigned practices by Mr Tan, both in class and outside class times, I improved my Econs grades significantly, from an S to an A.

Overall, I am really glad to have found a good tutor like him and will recommend his Econs tuition lessons for those who are struggling for the subject.

With the right help, you can secure your H2 Economics distinction!

Chew Pei Ying, H2 Econs Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC)

Best Econs Tutor I Have In My 2 Years!

Mr Jack Tan is a passionate H2 Economics tuition teacher. He puts in maximum effort in preparing every single lesson.

He is very experienced, and always prepares notes that contains the core concepts and for the topic. Importantly, the notes include key points that I can use to elaborate in my Economics essay.

Slowly but surely, my writing improved and the points i wrote are far more elaborated with examples than before which drastically improved my results. When the A-Levels was approaching, he even offered some extra lessons on how to analyse various types of question and how to answer them. He also met up with me outside of class to help me better prepare for the Economics exam.

In all, i would not achieve my A in H2 Economics if not for Mr Tan’s patient and passionate teaching styles. A final piece of advice: don’t wait until JC2! Start seeking help with their JC1 Econs tuition programme!

Tan Shi Hui, JC2 H2 Econs Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

Prior to going for tuition, I was constantly getting U and occasionally getting S for my common tests. However, after attending lessons taught by Mr Tan, I was able to understand the various Economics concepts and apply them to a wide range of context. The vast difference the tuition has had on me resulted in my getting an A for Economics during A levels. I definitely recommend Adam Smith Economics tuition programmes!

Benedict See Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC) H2 Economics

Mr Jack Tan is a very good Economics tutor!

Actually, it didn’t occur to me that I would need Economics tuition, as I managed to pass JC1, although I had no idea how I did it because until I went to Mr Tan’s class, I couldn’t even structure an Econs essay!

After several ‘U’ grades in my Economics tutorial quizzes, lecture tests, and the last straw – March Block Test (BT1), I decided that I needed help quickly.

At first I was very skeptical that A-Level Economics tuition would really help as I thought it might just be the same as what I had gone through in school. To my amazement, I learned exam techniques that I never heard before in my life!

Mr Tan taught us that there are only 3 types of Part A Econs essay questions, all of which can be scored at Level 3. In fact, I was surprised I got an 8 out of 10 in next Mid-Year Exams. In total, I learnt a lot more exam skills of how to apply, analyse, make judgements about Econs issues, evaluate, etc. What was really outstanding was that he showed us that there are only 4 types of Part B essays, and only 12 types of questions in the Case Study Exam Paper.

I mastered the various skills quickly because the lessons are that effective, and I improved tremendously even though I was in his class for less than 10 months! From a lousy “U” to an “A’ grade in my A-Levels, I am truly grateful to Mr Tan for teaching me all the new skills, skills that I can apply for life.

My advice: Seek Economics tuition when you know you need help. And learn from those who can teach skills, not merely content.

I highly recommend Mr Jack Tan’s and his team’s Economics lessons at Adam Smith Learning Centre . Thank you very much Mr Tan!

Louis Chan Meridian Junior College (MJC) GCE A-Level, JC2 H2 Economics

Not only are the Econs tutors at Adam Smith Learning Centre very skilled and experienced at the teaching of concepts and the impart of exam techniques, the lessons are very lively, engaging and fun!!

Heng Li Wei, St. Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC)

Definitely a Super Star Economics Tutor!

Mr Tan, among all the A-Level tuition teachers I have, you are probably one of the most effective Econs tutors that I have learnt from.

Within such a short period of time, I have a learnt a lot and I believed that I have gain an upperhand in relation to many of my peers in school for Econs; for this, I thank you.I will continue to strive for excellence under you and attempt my best for Economics. As you always put it, Economics is indeed scorable! I hope all your students will experience the magic that you have brought to me.

I am certain that your teachings will put me in very good stead for the GCE A-Levels Economics. I have also managed to see the fun side of Economics under your baton.

Thank you very much.

Andrew Arjun Sayampanathan Anglo-Chinese Junior College, GCE A-Level 2010 JC2,  Top Indian Student of ACJC, Year 2010 7 Distinctions, including H2 Economics and H1 JC General Paper (GP)



It was very exam focused, so students could concentrate on the skills & content required.

The content was also very structured, which allowed me to make keen links between the content topics

Rachel Wong Jin Hui, H2 Econs, Dunman High School (DHS)


Why Spend So Much Time and Money On Economics Tuition? This Is The Best Deal! For les than what I used to pay my private Econs tutor over a year, I learnt more, yet pay less.

The most worthy spending I did for tuition – Result: an “A”, of course!

Wanda Wang IB Higher Level

ACS – (Independent), Singapore



The notes are very useful and the exam approach is clear and systematic.

Furthermore, the way the Econs tutors teach the subject is indeed engaging, actually a bibt funny, yet fun and easily memorable!

I would agree that it is indeed a form of accelerated learning type of teaching methods.

Tan Yuan Ming, JC Economics (H1 Econs)



The tuition teacher played a huge role in explaining the lessons’ details to us.

The content is deep and increases my knowledge of Economics.

Ng Yan Lun, H2 Econs, Meridian Junior College (MJC)


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