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“Engagenomics” – The New, Effective and Fun Way to Teach Economics Concepts, Impart Exam Techniques and Infuse Confidence in Every JC Econs Student in Singapore

How many of you can buy into the following philosophy:
What Is Taught Is Not Equal To What Is Learnt ?


Would you like to enjoy Economics classes, for a change?

And would you like to enjoy your Economics lessons, and still secure your distinction grade at the same time?

Yes, that’s what we do at Adam Smith Learning Centre. And the main reason why we are able to conduct interesting and effective lessons and the result that students love our tuition programmes are our tuition teachers!

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Here are our Economics tutors’ profiles:

1) Fully Qualified Teachers

Every teacher of ours is a graduate of Economics programme of at least Bachelors degree. Several have completed their Honours and even Masters Degree in Economics at local universities such as National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and even foreign universities. On the other hand, we do come across other tuition centers whose Econs tutors are majors in Accountancy, Business and even Human Resource Management!

Therefore, you can be assured of the knowledge and background of our tutors.

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2) Well Trained Tuition Teachers

Most of the Economics teachers are ex- or current MOE (Ministry of Education) teachers , who are trained at the National Institute of Education (NIE). Other tutors are graduates of the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Training (CIDTT), that is, tutors who are internationally certified and qualified to teach any mainstream subject.

Furthermore, we are thoroughly familiar with each of the demands of H2 Economics (Syllabus Code: 9757 / 9732) and that of H1 Economics (Syllabus Code: 8823 / 8819). Hence, there is no over-teaching, especially to H1 students, who do not , for instance, cover the topic of Market Structures.


3) Teachers Ensure Students in Learning

In addition, all our Econs tutors undergo an Accelerated Learning Strategies Programme (ALSP), whereby it is compulsory for all our tuition teachers to learn how to teach effectively. Do our teachers talk non-stop, and yak all the way?

No! We ensure students are engaged with the teachers from the every first moment they are in class. In this way, the pupils are able to learn faster, remember more and internalise exam techniques easier. Hence, there is no need to re-teach any concepts because the lessons are intended to be that effective!!

After all, we truly understand that what is taught is NOT equal to what is learnt!!


A-Level Econs Tuition – Econs Tutors & Engagenomics

So, with the correct subject training, sufficient experience and skills, as well as the art of effective communication and the conduct of engaging lessons, this combined formula, that is of the profiles of our team of Econs tutors, will guarantee that you will enjoy your every moment of learning of Economics, while ensuring you are on your way to your distinction grade!


Anyhow, don’t take our word for it. Read some of the tutor testimonials from our pupils and parents.

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And see if you like the way our Econ tutors guide you to your grade ‘A’.