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Searching for Economics past year exam papers to learn and model the myriad of answering techniques for both case studies and essays?

It is one of the most straight forward shortcuts in learning: modelling through previous questions from previous exam papers. While it is sufficient to read and understand the JC Econs concepts, principles and theories on your own, it is not so for exam skills and answering strategies.

Without the chance to model and the exam techniques on how to apply, analyse and evaluate across all the Economic topics of Micrcoeconomics and Macroeconomics, you won’t be able to internalise these higher order thinking exam skills in the shortest time possible.


Note: We do NOT provide the question papers as SEAB owns the copyrights. When available at major bookstores, we purchase copies of it, and give it to our Econs pupils for free. Otherwise, kindly purchase a copy of the past year exam paper and its questions from your local bookstore or school bookshop. The answers are as follows: 


 Question predictions & Past Year Answers:

Meaning, to conquer Economics knowledge, exam skills and time management, within the typical time frame of 2 years in junior college (JCs), it is a tall order. You definitely need help.

On our website at, feel free to use all the past year exam question papers for your answer modeling needs.


You can access the following:

** A-Levels H2 Economics

** A-Levels H1 Economics

** H2 JC Economics

** H1 JC Economics


If you require any specific year’s answers for past exam paper for Economics, let us know at admin (at), and we will try to provide the questions here.

Alternatively, if you have any JC prelim question paper you would like to share with us, email a soft copy to us, and we will provide the complete sample answers for the Economics essays and case studies for that paper.


All the Best for your JC Promos, Prelims & A-Level H1 & H2 Econs Examinations this year!

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