GCE A-Level H1 Economics 2012 Predictions

 2012 H1 Economics Question Paper (Predictions)

2012 8823 / 8819 H1 GCE A-level Economics Examination

Case Studies:

This year may have the unusual year of 2 Macro-themed case studies, with a spread of the Microeconomics topic questions in the 2 case studies.

With both case studies predominantly Macro, it should be easier to spot the questions on demand and supply factors, elasticity of demand and of supply concepts, positive or negative externalities with associated policies.



Q3: It is most definitely a full market failure essay question in Q3, with emphasis on merit / demerit goods, testing students’ ability to explain how market failure arises, with the use of real-life examples.

(Note: both the existence of negative externalities and imperfect information have been tested in this section.)

The question in part (b) is likely to end with policy options to correct market and make judgements on its limitations, etc.


Qn 4: Maybe on macroeconomic topics of unemployment, economic growth, inflation, etc, with a linkage to standard of living, demand side policies, exchange-rate centred monetary policies, etc.