GCE A-Level H1 Economics 2013 Predictions

2013 H1 Economics Question Paper (Predictions)

2013 8823 / 8819 H1 GCE A-level Economics Examination

Section A Case Studies

Question 1 Likely on a cross topic of Micro and Macro Econs, such as pollution mixed with growth and globalisation, prices in selected markets mixed with general price level changes, government budget deficits, austerity measures mixed with subsidies to correct market failure arising from positive externalities.


Question 2 Most likely on a particular objective, or a particular policy, or a particular economy, with special emphasis on concepts such as supply-side policies, exchange rates, SOL, circular flow of national incomes, etc.


2013 8823 / 8819 H1 GCE A-level Economics Examination Essay Questions

Section B

Question 3: Either a question on the topics of Market Mechanism or Market Failure, OR a question on Macro Econs, such as that of policies tackling a macroeconomic objective.


Question 4: Definitely an essay on Macroeconomics, likely on Singapore as the chosen context for application, with one or more of her macro goals as concern, with corresponding policies as well as limitations.

Note: In other words, it is entirely possible to have two macro Econs questions.