GCE A-Level H1 Economics 2014 Predictions

 2014 H1 Economics Question Paper (Predictions)

2014 H1 Economics 8823 / 8819 Examination Predicted Probable Topics & Questions

(Exam Predictions, as of 5th September 2014)

Case Study Questions:

Question 1 should be mainly on Microeconomics case study where the theme can be from the 6 Major Contexts, namely education, healthcare, housing, pollution, congestion and smoking. (Note that smoking can be easily replaced by other demerit goods of drugs abuse alcohol abuse, excessive gambling, etc)

The likelihood of the more obscure sources of market failure of overfishing, deforestation, innovation, etc is rather low.


Question 2 must be a predominantly Macroeconomics case study where the questions surely involve Macro Econs policies options to achieve a particular objective, such as sustained economics growth, economic recovery from recession, balance of payments worsening, inflation concerns, etc.

For the Economics essays,

Q3 is likely on the topics of Market Mechanism, involving changes in the demand and / or supply conditions in a general or specified market, with an extended application of the concepts of price elasticities of demand and of supply (PED and PES).

Otherwise, expect your favourite topic of Market Failure, with the typical range of Microeconomic policy options and its limitations.

For the Macroeconomics essay in Q4, again expect a focus on a particular macro objective, such as unemployment, inflation, or even the conflicts of 2 or more macro aims, when a policy is being implemented to achieve one such aim.

The context of Singapore may or may not be selected.