2008 A-Levels H2 Economics Case Study

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2008 Predictions

H2 Economics 2008  Questions

H2 Case Study 2008 Q1 & Q2

Case Study Question 1
Most likely a Micro Econs case study question. May be predominantly on Market Failure, or a mixture of the 3 Microeconomics topics.


Case Study Question 2

Definitely a Macro Econs case study question. Should have Macro policies of expenditure switching or expenditure reducing policies in tackling BOT imbalances, or the standard supply-side policies in correcting other macro economic goals.

Can be either based on only a one economy, or a group of economies.



Reminder: Remember to be short and sweet for Data Response Questions (DRQ) and attempt a mini essay for Discursive / Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions!