2013 A-Levels H2 Economics Case Study

A-Level H2 Case Study 2013 Q1 & Q2 Predictions:

Case Study Question 1:

The prediction consists of predominantly Microeconomics, likely to be on Market Mechanism, with a mix of either Market Failure and / or Market Structures. More likely on PED and / or PES.

Can even expect concepts such as the common forms of government intervention of price controls, taxes or subsidies, in order to either correct inequity or inefficiency respectively.


Case Study Question 2:

The prediction is likely to be an economic issue on a range of economies, with application of policies such as supply side, exchange rates policies, etc.

Probably includes UK, China or USA, with an emphasis on Demand Side Management Policies, and its variants (i.e. Austerity and Quantitative Easing)