2007 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2007 Predictions

A Levels H2 Economics 2007 Essay Predictions

Q1: Market Structures
Either on a particular market structure with focus on firms’ main and alternative objectives, or on firms’ various strategies to increase profits such as erecting BTEs, engaging in price competition (eg is price discrimination) or non-price competition (eg is product innovation)


Q2: Market Mechanism
A likely test on selected changes in demand and supply conditions, with an examination market impacts such as price, quantity, revenue or quantity. May even be on government intervention in markets such as taxes or subsidies, and its related incidence or impact issues.


Q3: Market Failure.
A possible question on efficiency or inefficiency, with respect to demerit good, merit goods, externalities. Maybe obscure markets such as deforestation, overfishing, innovation, etc.


Q4: A domestic question, either on one objective, or on a few objectives, with probable links to macro policies.


Q5: A likely question on Singapore itself, especially on her external issues and relations with her major trading partners, say on balance of trade, exchange rates, globalisation trends and impacts, FTAs formations, etc, not excluding supply-side policies.


Q6: An external question, on current account, FDIs, capital and financial accounts, interest rates, monetary policies that can be either interest rate-centred, or exchange rate-centred, etc.