2008 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2008 Predictions

H2 Economics 2008 Predictions Questions

H2 Case Study & Essays Predictions

Q1: Market Mechanism Topic-Based Question

Likely the question focuses on markets that is greatly affected by the increasingly rapid trends of globalisation, such as the influence of global economies of scale, factor mobility, internet revolution, etc; or market of strategic importance, especially those of primary products and commodities.


Q2: Market Failure Topic-Based Question
Maybe a very broad question, with possible overlap of Micro (externalities) and Macro topics, or a narrow topic on the range of concepts under Market Imperfections, namely Imperfect Information or Knowledge, Factor Immobility (aka Imperfect Factor Mobility), or even Market Dominance.


Q3: Very likely on Oligopoly and / or Monopolistic Competition. May have to distinguish among market structures in terms of its features too.


Q4: A question on the economy of Singapore, ether on her growth objectives plus policies, or on her balance of payments objective, not excluding the embracing of globalisation, via the forging of FTAs (free trade agreements, such as ASEAN, etc.)


Q5: A question on non specific context, on one of the domestic goals of inflation, economic growth or unemployment. May have to gauge the relative priority of different macroeconomic aims in different types of economies.


Q6. An external economy question, likely to involve exchange rates, Marshall-Lerner Condition (M.L.C.), foreign direct investment (FDIs), interest rates, etc.