2009 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2009 Predictions

2009 H2 Economics Question Paper (Predictions)

H2 Essays Predictions:

As before, the Microeconomics section (Section A) comprise a combination of Market Mechanism, Market Structures and Market Failure.    

Essay Question 1:
A 25-mark, no-part question on elasticity. Either on usefulness of the elasticity concepts to firms, or the use of such concepts to predict outcomes on selected markets.


Essay Question 2:
Likely on comparisons of firms’ equilibrium positions in the short and long run, or price discrimination, with the ability to make judgements on the firms’ strategies.


Essay Question 3:
Expect market failure topics such as demerit and merit goods, market dominance or income inequality, with the ability to provide evaluative comments on governments’ policies.


Essay Question 4:
A domestic economy question, with perhaps a policy in question, namely demand-side or supply-side policies.


Essay Question 5:
A question on the external economy, involving trade, protectionism, globalisation trends and the policy option of forging free trade agreements (FTAs).


Essay Question 6:
A question on balance of payments and exchange rates. Can be either a detailed question on balance of trade, capital and financial accounts, or depreciation or devaluation, etc.