2010 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2010 Predictions

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2010

Micro Econs (Section A) (Predictions as at 15 September 2010)

Q1 Market Mechanism – Applications of demand factor(s), supply factor(s), as well as of elasticity concepts to predict impact on selected market(s), in terms of changes in price (P), quantity (Q), expenditure or revenue (PxQ).


Q2 Market Failure – Expect public goods, merit or demerit goods, and even externalities, with suitable policies in either Singapore context, or general context.


Q3 Market Structures – Either on monopoly, oligooly, or mono comp firms, and making judgements on either firms’varying objectives or on each market structure’s relevance to the real world.



Macro Econs (Section B)
Q4. Maybe a cross topic question of Micro and Macro Econs, relating to either government budget balance, austerity, subsidies reduction, PED concept, Marshall-Lerner Condition, etc.


Q5. A macro economy essay question, with focus on either unemployment, inflation or economic growth.


Q6 A ,macro economy essay question, with focus on either demand-side or supply-side policies, versus trade or protectionism policies.