2011 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2011 Predictions

H2 Essays Predictions: (Exam Predictions, as of 25th July 2011)

Section A (Micro)

Q1) Market Mechanism – Impact of changes in demand and supply conditions on eith price only, quantity only, or both on a given market, or a choie of your own preferred markets.


Q2) Market Structures – Either price discrimination, economies of scale, or oligopoly, monopoly or monopolistic competition.


Q3) Market Failure – Assessment on efficiency concepts, inefficiency of allocative and / or productive, as well as policy options, including those on Market Dominance.


Section B (Macro)

Q4) A question on domestic economy, either a general context or on Singapore’s context.


Q5) A question of a specific policy, or a set of Macro policies, or policy of your own choice, in tackling an economic problem(s).


Q6) A question on external economy, either on trade theory, protectionism, globalisation or free trade agreements (FTAs)