2012 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2012 Predictions

2012 H2 Economics Question Paper (Predictions)

Section A (Microeconomics)
1) Market Failure – either a specific failure is in questions, especially positive and negative externalities, or a general question in which the school candidate is allowed to choose his / her own preferred type of source of allocative inefficiency.


Q2) Market Structures – either focus on monopolistically competitive firm or oligopolists, or a change in either demand or costs conditions on a firm.


Q3) Market Mechanism – either a prediction of changes in market demand and / or supply conditions on market in terms of either in price, quantity, or expenditure / revenue, or usefulness to a producer of elasticity concepts.


Section B (Macroeconomics)
Q4) A Macroeconomics question on specific topics such as multiplier, standard of living (SOL), supply-side policies, comparative advantage, opportunity cost, Marshall-Lerner Condition (MLC), etc.


Q5) A Macro Econs on either one objective or several objectives, with a corresponding policy.


Q6) A focus on solely the Singapore economy, either in terms of the domestic economy such as inflation, or the external economy such as the current account or exchange rates.