2013 A-Levels H2 Economics Essay

GCE A-Level H2 Economics 2013 Predictions

2013 H2 Economics Question Paper (Predictions)

H2 Essays Predictions: (Exam Predictions, as of 11th August 2013)

As usual, the Microeconomics section (Section A) should consist of the combination of Market Mechanism, Market Structures and Market Failure.    


Q1: Market Mechanism – Application of elasticity concepts and prediction of impacts on the market, likely, changes in price, even price x quantity (total expenditure incurred by consumers or total revenue earned by producers)


Q2: Market Structures – Either on Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly or on changes in demand and / or cost conditions on firms in real world markets.


Q3: Market Failure – Pre-empt testing on concepts such as efficiency, inefficiency on areas of externalities, market dominance, etc.


In the Macroeconomics section (Section B), expect the following:

Q4: One question on domestic economy, with focus on policies and its limitations


Q5: One question on the entire economy, across several macroeconomic indicators


Q6: One question on the external economy, with focus on its consequences or policies, or even a cross link to Microeconomics.