JC H2 Economics Case Study Predictions 2011

JC H2 Economics Case Study Predictions 2011
Paper 1 (CSQ)

* Microeconomics topics predominantly set in one case study question

* A simple trend analysis question, likely a compare trend type.

* Possibly a chosen market that exhibits externalities, such as housing, healthcare, education, innovation, etc.

* May link expenditure on above to PED (price elasticity of demand) concept

* Likely explain the rationale(s) of intervention in any of the above markets, that is either a case of positive or negative externalities.

* Probable case of discussing policy options to tackle the given market failure, or critically examine differing policies for the same failure in different countries.

For eg: free healthcare in NHS (National Health System in UK), vs government-run polyclinics in Singapore, ERP or electronic road pricing policy in Singapore vs Car-Free Zone in Europe (Netherlands, etc)


* If paper is tougher than expected, may even include Market Structures questions in it, such as Monopoly power of firms with strong barriers to entry and resultant supernormal profits that drive innovation efforts, or oligopoly firms in health care, and in property development and resultant societal welfare.

Update (Dec 2011): The above predictions matches the H2 Econs Case Study paper set by NYJC the closest. Hooray! Also, to Economics students from TJC, VJC and PJC, whose H2 Paper 1 match close to our predictions too.

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