JC H2 Economics Case Study Predictions 2012

JC H2 Economics Case Study Predictions 2012
Prelim Economics Paper 1

* A predominantly Macroeconomics Case Study question

* Likely on economic growth (either negative growth aka recession or depression, or slow growth). If not, emphasis is on inflation.

* Typically, the 1st question is on Trend Analysis, likely a compare or summarise type.

* A possible question on diagram, including PPC (Production Possibility Curve or Frontier), AD-AS (Aggregate Demand – Aggregate Supply), or even the Tariff diagram.

* Again, the increasingly popular question that involves the Economics student to identify and/or explain the relationship or even causality of two seemingly unrelated data values or economic variables such as incomes, price of oil, quantity of goods, etc.

* The higher-order thinking question should involve a Macro Econs policy such as expenditure switching policies (either Currency Devaluation or Protectionism) and its limitations, or impact of globalisation on selected economies. Be prepared to write a solid mini essay for this question!


Update (Dec 2012): The above predictions matches the H2 Econs Case Study paper set by AJC the closest. Hooray, AJsians! Also, to Econs pupils from RIJC, HCI and JJC, whose H2 Paper 1 match close to our predictions too.

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