JC H2 Economics Case Study Predictions 2014

Sample Paper: H2 Economics 2014
Case Studies Q1 Predictions

*Predominantly on Microeconomics, with possibly a question or two on Macroeconomics

* One question on TREND ANALYSIS, either to summarise or to compare trends of selected variables

* One on either Price Elasticity of Demand (PED) or Price Elasticity of Supply (PES) concept, or both.

* One on identifying and/or explaining the relationship or even causality of two seemingly unrelated data values or economic variables such as incomes, price of oil, quantity of goods, etc.

* As usual, expect the toughest challenge by anticipating the inclusion of a discursive question (mini essay) on Market Structures. Perhaps a question on possible government intervention on a monopoly, or a question on merger between dominant oligopolistic firms in an industry and its corresponding effects.

* Bonus prediction: expect a Macro question, likely one on Trade theory of Protectionism policy, practised by economies.

Update (Dec 2014): The above predictions matches the H2 Econs Case Study paper set by ACJC the closest. Hooray, ACJsians! Also, to Econs pupils from SRJC, TPJC, NJC, whose H2 Paper 1 match close to our predictions too.


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