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“Before I started attending Adam Smith Leaning Centre, I had always been getting U and S grades for my Economics papers. However under the tutor’s guidance at Adam Smith tuition centre, I learnt the proper techniques to score and how to fully appreciate Economics as more than a subject but a life skill as well. The Econs tutor is super approachable, never fails to make every lesson count and will always put his students interests at heart first. I wouldn’t have been able to get my ‘A’ grade without his help. Thank you!”

Tiffany Tan

H2 Economics

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)


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Econs Tuition SG – Free Tuition Lessons

We are the ONLY Economics specialist provider in Singapore to offer free video trial lessons! Sample our quality now! Call us @ For example, some of the exam strategies for Economics include preempting the various types of evaluation required. Specifically, most Econs pupils know that they are expected to evaluate policy options for a wide range of Economic issues, including:

  1. Correcting Market Failure due to the presence of Positive Externalities, Imperfect Information and even Market Dominance.
  2. Achieving high rates of actual economic growth rate with the use of Demand Side Management policies of Fiscal Policy & Monetary Policy.
  3. The use of Protectionism Policy to reduce the Balance of Trade deficit, etc

  However, most Economics students have very little on the need to evaluate effects, make judgement on the validity of data set, specifically in case studies, etc. Hence, take the opportunity in our free Economics tuition lessons to learn some exam skills, for your own use. Your tie will not be wasted. We guaranteed it!


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