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Mr Steve Yeo is a very knowledgeable teacher and is up-to-date with the economic situation of countries all around the world. He is able to identify my weak areas, in terms of skills, and address my misconceptions with patience. He is a passionate teacher who is willing to extend the tutoring session when he feels that there is a need to, even if it is beyond his obligation. He helped me to gain more confidence in economics and as a result I cultivated a deeper appreciation for this subject.

The pace of the lessons conducted at Adam Smith Learning Centre is flexible to suit the students’ needs. The teachers are also very considerate as they are aware of the students’ workload from college. They would try to lesson any practice assignments to be done outside of lessons. The lesson structure has proved to be effective as it has aided me essentially to attaining an A grade in H1 Economics.

Joanne Lim H1 Economics

Anderson Junior College (AJC)

Don’t Sign Up For Any H1 Econs Tuition Revision Courses Unless It Meets These 5 Requirements

How many of you find H1 Economics frustrating? Do you find that, despite all your studying and revision efforts, you still do not know how to obtain that elusive distinction? Worse, it is after all a H1 A-Level subject, but you are putting in as much effort as that of a H2 subject. Plus, isn’t it rather difficult to search for a H1 Economics Tuition ONLY A-Level specialist provider in Singapore , let alone the fact that most centres do not provide lessons for H1 Econs pupils in the first place?

(If you are instead a H2 pupil, visit here for H2 Econs tuition program.)

Therefore, when conducting your due diligence in sourcing for good H1 Economics revision lessons, do consider the following:    


1) Are H1 and H2 pupils in different or same classes? Unlike many other centers, who put H1 and H2 Econs students together in the same class, whereby the difference in learning needs may not be clear, we ensure that the H1 pupils know exactly what to expect for their Econs exams.Thus, we are the only few to have specialised H1-ONLY tutorial class for Economics pupils. Whereas, even if other centres offer tuition services to the H1 students, the lesson arrangement is such that most centres lump H1 and H2 students together, so that they can save on manpower and effort.

This is definitely not ideal, because the topics covered are much less than that of H2. The truth is many, how many of you would like to sit through the lesson on Market Structures? Or attend the lesson on Market Failure, but focusing on Market Imperfections, instead of Divergence of private and social or benefits, being the correct source of market failure?    


2) Are the exam objectives clarified regularly? In our A-Level H1 Econs tuition classes, we first clarify the marks weighting for case studies – 40% for H2 and 70% for H1. Although there are fewer students who take H1 Econs as compared to that of the H2 subject, the exam skills required are still the same. By regularly clarifying the exam requirements and objectives, we note that a significant number of student improve by more than 100% after 3-7 lessons on case studies.

Furthermore, a good tuition center shall reveal the fact that, out of the 30 marks set for each case study, 12 marks go to DRQs while 18 go to DSQs. Of course, the professional exam board, Cambridge, can par up or down, as desired. This is especially true for H1 Economics exam paper, since case studies alone account for 70% of the overall marks. Well, they cannot give everyone an ‘A’, can they?? (Go here to get more information regarding the H1 Econs Revision Tips.)    


3) Able to Identify Question Types? How many of you realise that there are only a maximum of 12 types of case study question types in any question paper? 7 types are of the Category known as Data Response Questions (DRQs), whereas the remaining 5 types are of the Discursive (DSQs) ones. Some tuition centres know this; many do not.. Understandably, our Econs tutors highly recommend that JC Economics students focus more on the Case Study section of the H1 Econs exam paper. It makes sense to focus mainly on the case study section. (See here for the H1 Economics case study skills)

After all, the weighting of this section B of the exam paper (Syllabus Code: 8823 / 8819) is 70% of the overall grade! For instance, we show our students how to score FULL marks for the data response question (DRQs) in the case study section. Many students, who are severely lacking in exam techniques, have difficulties in dealing with the DRQs, much less scoring 12 out of 12 marks for it. However, we will teach you the secret in obtaining full marks for this section, which will then create a distinct advantage over your peers for the A-Level Economics paper.    


4) Is there emphasis on exam answering techniques? Primarily, everyone knows that case study exam paper is a skills paper, meaning it is out to test ability to answer very specific questions. Hence, for every of the 7 DRQs, and of the 5 DSQs, we impart answering strategies to EACH question type. This ensures that, no matter what kind of exams question are being posed by the SEAB-Cambridge examiners, our students will still breeze through these examinations. (Hear what some of our student’s testimonials on our Econs tutors here.) Furthermore, experienced Economics centres will prepare students for crossed topics.

As Economics students in Singapore get more exam-smart in both the H1 and H2 Econs exams, the Cambridge exam board will become more creative in exam paper question setting too! Hence, be aware that the coverage on case study skills may not be as rigorous as the pupils would like it to be. Of those Econs tuition centers who specialize in it, most JC Econs tutors impart only content knowledge of the subject, but very little in exam techniques.

In other words, they spend the bulk of the time in the Econs tuition classes on re-teaching the concepts, principles and theories, but very little in the use of the learned content topics. So hardly any application skills and strategies of the learnt Econs concepts were used and demonstrated in their tuition classes. After all, the weighting of the case study section is a whopping 70%, enough to make or break the performance of any student!    


5) Able to Spot Exam Topics & Have Solid Predictions? For the 5th requirement, we feel this strategy is key for H1 Economics students. After all, this is merely a H1 subject, not H2. Meaning you ought to secure this distinction easily and quickly. That is why our H1 Economics tutorial course is designed to be efficient and effective! H1 Economics is distinctly different from its H2 counterpart, since it does not include Market Structures. The Macroeconomics section of this H1 paper is almost identical to that of the H2 Economics exam paper.


The main focus are on:  


i) Domestic objectives such as inflation, unemployment and economic growth. Often, students are asked on demand-side and supply-side policies to tackle the various economic adverse phenomena. Specifically, in the case of Singapore, we are asked of the myriad of policies to help Singapore achieve a non-inflationary, sustainable, long term economic growth! (Take note, this is key!!)   ii) In the arena of external economy, the entire content knowledge area comprise international trade based on the . Law Of Comparative Advantage, . Protectionism, . Balance of Payments and . Exchange Rates.   Furthermore, we highly encourage H1 Econs students to be thoroughly well versed with the concept of globalisation, the reasons it’s expansion, the likely consequences as well as relevant policies that can be implemented to support the globalisation drive.  



This coverage is a shock to most students. For starters, most have no idea that H1 Economics syllabus actually underwent a change in the year 2009, to include the concepts of prices elasticity of demand and of supply. So they were shocked when those concepts were heavily tested in recent years. (Fortunately, our students well well prepared as our JC Econs tutors anticipated the emphasis on it. 6 marks in 2009, 7m in 2010, and about 12 marks in 2011, 13 marks in 2012, etc. How about this year? We will reveal our predictions in our Econs revision course.) Another problem area proves to be on Market Failure. On top of the systematic way to explain externalities, many student are confused with the various diagrams of positive and negative externalities.

(We will clarify in class is: Are JC Econs pupils expected to sketch Market Failure diagrams in as part of the Econs essay answer to the H1 exam paper?)

If you refer the syllabus of the 8823 / 8819 H1 Economics, given the range of topics tested, the higher weighting of the Economics case study component plus the lower probability of theory topics appearing in the case studies, it is actually not difficult to make good predictions!! Our Economics tutors will reveal 2 other considerations in our Econs revision lessons that have helped us to help our students our student excel at this paper. Therefore, our JC Econs tuition pupils have benefited year after year from our centre as the A-Level Economics Paper at Cambridge – UCLES – SEAB Exam has always turn out to be what we predicted and prepared.  

Other general considerations on top of the above 5 requirements:

H1 Economics Tuition – Is it worth my time?

H1 Econs tuition lessons make sense because: Unlike schools, such lessons aim to supplement what is sorely missing in schools – the exam answering techniques. Specifically, the coverage on case study skills in most junior colleges (JCs) may not be as rigorous as required, due to time constraints. Hence, most JC Econs tutors impart largely content knowledge but very little in Econs exam skills.

Overall, little, if any, application skills and answering approaches and techniques of the learnt Econs concepts were taught and imparted… A decent H1 Economics tuition programme must ensure their students learn the case study exam skills very well. After all, the weighting of the this section is 70%, enough to determine whether any student will secure their ‘A’ grade or otherwise!   (Related: Click here for Economics Tutor’s Testimonials)  


H1 Economics Tuition – Adam Smith EconomicsHQ Lessons 

At our Economics tuition centre, we emphasis on the following:

1) Conduct H1 Econs tutorials for H1 students only – Only H1 Econs pupils attend this H1 special class. No H2 students allowed!!  

2) Teaching relevant concepts for H1 students only – Outdated topics such as Liquidity Preference Theory, Phillips Curve, Monopoly Power (older syllabi) are totally dropped, so as not to put on unnecessary stress on our Econs students. A handful of topics are no longer in the Higher 1 (8823 / 8819) syllabus , and thus will be left out of lessons.  

3) Impart Economics case study answering skills – This cannot be emphasised enough. Without the various skills on answering all types of Data Response Questions and Discursive Questions,  it will near to impossible to secure at least 22 marks out of 30 and your distinction grade.  

See more details on H1 Economics exam skills here   With 2 FREE trial lessons open to everyone,  wouldn’t you try out whether our award-winning, proven exam methods will work for you?

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