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In order to guarantee that you can secure that elusive distinction, our revision tutorials emphasis heavily on the H1 Economics case study skills, while spending a relatively small proportion of time on essay questions.

In addition, we prepare students for the most likely topics that are to be examined in the case study section.

Hence in our H1-student only group tuition classes, we prepare and impart the following:

Microeconomics – the need to be able to handle the huge variety of questions relating to Market Failure and Government Intervention in Markets.

Macroeconomics – the ability to handle the myriad of topics in both Domestic Economy and External Economy.

More importantly, we will impart our proven, effective and innovative techniques of answering all the TWELVE types of case study test questions. For instance, are you aware that there are so called the “Traditional” Data Response Questions (DRQs), of which there are 4 such variations. Specifically, one type is to test on your understanding of Concepts & Theories.

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Economics Tuition SG – Examples of Exam Skills

Here are 2 common questions very often tested in the actual Cambridge GCE A-Level H1 Economics exam paper (8823 / 8819), that all Higher 1 JC pupils must take.

Explain the concept of Price

Elasticity of Demand

Explain the Meaning of real GDP

Regardless of the topics, the skills approach remains consistent. You simple have to provide a definition to the concept or theory. Next, you are expected to provide any formulae, interpretation, assumptions, etc that relate to the concept in question.

Once you see the exam skills when we demonstrate it in class, you will NO LONGER lose any marks for such questions types anymore.

Furthermore, we will show you how to use the information from the extracts as case evidence, so that you need not quote from the text, but still make it relevant to the required response.

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