H1 Economics Tuition Intensive Revision Programmes

H1 Econs Tuition Singapore – Intensive Revision Programmes

I’ve never given much thought of attaining a C, let alone an A for Economics as my “economics lifetime” has only been Us and Ss. I joined Adam Smith tuition centre just before my prelims in Sept, with little faith that I could still be saved. At Adam Smith, I was taught many effective exam techniques and skills crucial to answering questions, and had to apply them countlessly as we went through many practices. Even though I was much weaker and slower than other students, the teachers were extremely patient and more than willing to help me with my questions, making sure my basics were ok. Nearing the A level period, timed practices were given and through these, and feedback, I felt ready to take on the paper for the first time. Thank you so much teachers for your guidance and help!

Janine Quek H1 Economics Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

Sometimes, students may join our H1 Econs tuition revision course at various times of the year, etc due to CCA involvements, family commitments, etc. That is why we at Adam Smith Learning Centre have developed intensive revision programmes for H1 Economics pupils.


With this these holiday intensive revision classes, the learners are able to:

  1. Catch up on previous topics that they might have missed when in school.

From our experience, JC2 pupils tend to miss the topics on Macroeconomic policies, Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates, whilst having the CCAB “A” DIVISION Inter-JC sports competition, frequently from April to May of every year.


  1. Reinforce the understanding of the core content economics knowledge.

In such Economics crash courses, a key component is to master the various Economic theories, concepts and principles in the shortest time possible.

For example, in just 3 minutes, we explain the 3 most useful Demand factors for the purpose of Application, namely Income, Taste & Preference and Prices of Related Goods.

And in a mere 8 minutes, we help students summarise 4 main benefits of globalisation and its 3 main harms. In brief,


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H1 Economics Revision Programmes – Exam Techniques

Similarly so for every single topic.

  1. Internalise the Exam Techniques

Through a couple of process in the economy tuition classes, you will learn and internalise the full range of essay and case study skills and tactics, which will allow you to tackle all kinds of exam questions in the H1 paper.

  1. Practice

Would you agree that with the content and exam answering techniques, you are stilll not guaranteed your distinciton, unless you can reproduce the skills set under exam conditions?

That’s why we have regular writing practice to ensure the learning is concrete. Furthermore, we invite you, at NO CHARGE, to take a Mock Exam with us, prior to your major exams.


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