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We are proud to be the FIRST and ONLY JC Economics Tuition specialist provider who offer lessons for H1-pupils only in a small group setting. It is well known that not many Econs or JC tuition centers offer lessons for H1 students in the first place.

Also, for those who do, they tend to put together both H1s and H2s in the same class. But not us.

We understand that in terms of both content topics as well as exam answering tactics, the H1 exam (8823 / 8819) differs rather significantly from that of H2 (9757 / 9732). Hence the need to engage in differential teaching!

Adam Smith Learning Centre has helped me tremendously in my preparation for the A level Economics examination. I improved a great deal in a short amount of time. The June holidays intensive lessons were crucial to my understanding of case study questions. Furthermore, the focus of weekly lessons is always on skills and I believe this is instrumental to answer all types of questions well. The materials provided by the centre are beneficial and supplement the tips given in class. I would like to thank Mr Yeo for his dedication towards teaching Economics and always staying back late to continue lessons and answer queries! Mr Yeo also went through every school examination paper I received to review my mistakes and gave constructive comments on how I could further improve my economic analysis and writing skills. Without Mr Steve Yeo’s continuous support and Adam Smith Learning Centre, I believe I would not have achieved an A for my H1 Economics examination at the A levels.

Crystal Ho H1 Economics

Anderson Junior College (AJC)

H1 Economics Classes – What can you expect from our tutorial lessons?

  1. Focused Targeted Content Coverage

For Microeconomics, you will cover thoroughly the topics of Market Mechanism and Market Failure. Unlike other centres who put H1 and H2 students together, you will not need to learn anything about Market Structures, which is NOT in the H1 (8823 / 8819) syllabus.

As for Macroeconomics, the emphasis is on the Domestic as well as the External Economy, with a keen focus on Singapore. Not forgetting globalisation as the main phenomenon impacting all global economies.

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  1. Econs Tutorials For H1 Students Only

One of the main strength of the lessons is that there are only H1 Economics pupils specially catered for you. Absolutely no H2 students allowed.

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  1. Special Focus on A-Level Exam Requirements

On top of the content topics, the key to success in JC Economics is to ensure that students can demonstrate the Higher-Order Thinking (H.O.T.) skills, namely Application, Analysis and Evaluation.

While most pupils realise the need for exam answering skills and techniques, they may not be aware that case study skills and essay skills actually differ.

Hence, we shall demonstrate and impart such H1 Econs exam skills in our tuition lessons.



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