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In Singapore, an Economics pupil who has done well for H2 Economics in JC1 Promotional exams is given the opportunity to take up H3 Econs (Syllabus Code: 9808). Similar to the previous generation of Special papers (‘S’ Papers), one attempts these papers mainly to take up scholarships. It is also one way for the Singapore government to identify worthy scholars in the education system)

As of writing, Economics students can take up the modular H3 Economics exams with SMU (Singapore Management University), or the Cambridge-UCLES-SEAB official H3 Econs exam.


SMU Module: For the SMU Module, it is based largely on extensions of Microeconomics, with focus on Market Structures and Industrial Organisation. In particular, students cover in depth the topic of Game Theory, with even the application of mathematical probability to mixed strategies in evaluating pay-off matrix in Economic games.


GCE A-Level: As for the GCE A-Level H3 Economics exams, it consists of 1 compulsory Resourced-Based Question (a larger type of Econs case study question), and 2 Essay questions, in a total of 3 hours.

Topics-wise, the concepts and principles of Economics get a little more abstract, with the inclusion of the following:


A. Significance & Nature of Economics
It covers the use and and importance of it as a social science.


B. Economic Methods
It covers the use, abuse and limitations of the various Economic methods used in reality.


C. Market Failure
it explores the tragedy of the commons (Public Goods), common property resources, risks and uncertainty in markets and decision making.


D. Trade Theories & Policies
It expands beyond David Ricardo’s theory of Comparative Advantage into¬†Factor-Endowment Theory (by Heckscher-Ohlin), and also the intra-industry trade that globalisation has allowed and led to. Also, the various policies of protectionism and free trade agreements (FTAs) are examined in depth.


E. Globalisation, MNCs, Emerging and International Economy
Examines the impacts of globalisation, with special focus on emerging economies, as well as the resultant growth of firms in terms of vertical and horizontal integration, due to outsourcing efforts and the pursuit of more profits by ensuring lower costs of production.

So which choice for H3 Economics is better: the the SMU module of the Cambridge H3 official exam?


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