Integrated Programme (IP) Economics Tuition

IP Econs Tuition – Year 3 & Year 4 Economics Tutorial Lessons

Do you know there are almost 20 schools in Singapore either involved or offering the Integrated Programmes (IP)?

Do you also realise that most of these schools have Economics programs, just like most other subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc, that are of different sequence and also of different topics, as compared with one another?
For eg, Dunman High School (DHS) focuses heavily on Microeconomics, especially on the topics of

i) Market Mechanism,

ii) Theory of Price Determination,

iii) Elasticity Concepts,

iv) Price Controls, etc in Secondary 3 and/or Sec 4,

whereas in Raffles Institution Junior College (RIJC) relatively more on

i) Macroeconomics, on the workings of the economy,

ii) circular flow of income,

iii) Macroeconomic Policies, etc
What we are trying to is that while each runs the same concept of IP system, the width, breadth and even depth of the topics and vary greatly.

In order to ensure these academically strong pupils can benefit from engaging in broader learning experiences during the 6-year period, and yet ensure the rigour of the Integrated Program system, there will still be continuous (intra) school-based tests, examinations and assessment to gauge the progress of their Economics students.


Yet, allow me to be frank here:

The IP Econs students have been given an advantage, so let’s make full use of it!


What’s the (unfair) academic advantage?

Although it is not spelled out explicitly, most junior colleges (JCs) take this opportunity to include JC topics into their Economics syllabi because they have more curriculum time in teaching, time that was supposed to be set aside for final O-Levels revision in Sec 4 / Sec 5!

In other words, you have up to a maximum of 4 years to prepare for your Economics A-Level exams!

Just to complete the whole scenario for you: Hence, several IP students are not allowed to sit for the O-Level exams, even as a private candidate!

However, seriously, if you have 4 years to prepare (instead of only 2 years) for a Pre-University exam, that can determine your future,

  1. where you work,
  2. who you work with,
  3. who you may meet as a life partner,
  4. what opportunistic that you may encounter, etc.

Would you or your child settle for this advantage??

(You know what, we have the perfect answer to fully gain this advantage: go for an alternative exam as a private candidate. More details when you call us @


IP Economics Tuition – Customised Econs Tuition by Our Econs Tutors

And that is where we come in: to stimulate the learning interest, to engage in discussion of key Economic issues facing Singapore and the global economy, and of course, impart of the various answering techniques required in internal school assessment and the eventual Cambridge-SEAB-UCLES GCE A-Level Economics exams.

In fact, a significant portion of our Econs students voluntarily choose to take the GCE O-Level Economics exam (as a private candidate), to keep themselves exam-ready throughout the last 2-3 years. After all, the GCE ‘O’ Levels do serve as a priceless intermediate benchmark for most of Singapore’s secondary school pupils!


A caveat about IP exams: We understand that some Econs students do not manage a pass grade in the internal examinations, and are forced to switch to the mainstream subject system, whereby there are expected to sit for the official GCE O-Level exams in the end!

Therefore, isn’t it making sense to seek the help you need to ensure you can breeze through Sec 3 & Sec 4, without any danger or fear not being able to be promoted to Year 5??

Not to forget that the IP ultimately leads to the GCE A-Levels (H2 Econs & H1 Econs examinations, IB Diploma, or other Diplomas.


Ad-Hoc Integrated Programme Economics Tuition – Quantum Leap Economics Crash Course

How many of you, IP Econs students are either too busy, or simply find it unnecessary, to commit to regular weekly IP Econs tuition lessons?

How many of you realise that you are generally academically capable, and merely requires help in certain Economics topics? 

Or perhaps, you may not have done as well in recent Mid-Year exams (MYEs) or even last year’s end of year examinations, and would really like to revise the fundamental and previous Economics concepts and theories? Or simply to brush up o your exam answering techniques?

Solution: We have come up with the Quantum Leap Economics Crash Course™ (QLECC), to allow students to arrange for:

1) Last-minute Econs tuition

2) Ad-Hoc Economics tuition lessons

3) Lesson-On-Demand™: Economics tutorials, based on the strength (or rather weaknesses of the pupil) 


This is largely conducted in the convenience and comfort of the homes (Economics home tuition) of the Econs pupils, although a few prefer to have it in our Bishan tuition centre.

In addition, most Econs students who have consulted our tutor are mainly from HCI, NJC, NYGH, RI as well as RGS. The result: 100% of these Econs students manage to secure a Pass to be promoted to Year 5, and over of them went to to top their classes in the final year exams!


The 6-year Integrated Programme (IP) is currently offered at the following junior colleges (JCs) and schools:

ip econs tuition sg

integrated programme econs tuition singapore


So call now at to find your Econs tutor who will customise the lessons to suit you and your school requirements!


More info here: MOE Website IP Programme