Intensive Courses- A-Levels Fast Tracks Program for Economics

Are you looking to save time for learning and revision in terms of A-Level Intensive courses for JC Econs in Singapore?

Are you aiming for a fast track A-Levels  Economics tuition programme?

Then, we have the answer for you!

We understand that some JC students prefer to withdraw from their schools and opt to attempt the GCE “A” Level exams as a private candidate.

Furthermore, there is a significant minority of pupils who wish to re-take the GCE (General Certificate of Education) ‘Advanced’ Level examinations, due to a few reasons:

1. Did not do as well as expected, in terms of of the overall rank points (maximum points for SEAB JC exams is 90)

2. General Paper did not secure a good grade (“B” and above)

3. Certain subjects serves as pre-requisite, and did not manage to obtain at least a “B” grade. For example, A-Level Chemistry is an important criteria subject to gain admission to undergraduate faculties such as Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and even Pharmacy. (While JC Economics is not a pre-requisite for University admission faculties or courses,  it is the ONLY subject one can learn at age 17019, and understand how markets works, and thus how wealth is being generated and accumulated in the real world! If you tell me this is not worth learning, then what is??)

Hence, if JC Chem is not well done, especially H2 Chemistry, then entry to these university courses would be rather difficult, including those offered by NUS (National University of Singapore)


A-Level Intensive Courses – JC Fast Tracks To Academic Success

In view of the above rationales, attempting A-Levels on a fast track basis makes sense.

And that’s why we have A-Level intensive courses for S’pore JC pupils. For instance, for A-Level Economics tuition intensive, we actually have Econs classes that are conducted online and in Bishan, besides the usual private home tuition for JC Economics

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As for the other subjects, we have once again the necessary materials of


1) Scheme of Work
For example, we have a 12-Week “A”-Level JC Intensive Revision Program for each subject, for both of H1 and H2 syllabi.

If time allows, we have another 18-Week Pre-Prelims (for JC2s) or Pre-Promos (for JC1s) intensive tutorial courses that begins in June very year. This is actually very popular among Sports students and those in the Performing Arts.


Simply because their season of competition and performance spans from late February to end of May every season. Hence, only from June onwards, can they afford the time and effort to boos their exam results and performance.

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2) Termly Subject Lesson Plans (SLPs)
Once upon confirmation of getting our tutors’ help to secure your desired grade, you will receive a summary series of SLPs, to help gauge your progress and to self-pace your learning of the subject in focus.

For example, in the case of GCE A-Level JC H1 Econ, Jack Tan has designed the 9-Lesson POST-PRELIMS Intensive revision  programme in the following manner (partial display only):

Lesson 1-4
Macroeconomics Key Topics 1 to 4
(Do you know that there are 3 topics that will be tested very year??)

Lesson 5-9
Microeconomics Key Topics 1 to 4
Since the syllabus revision from 8821 to 8823, the emphasis for H1 Economics is heavier on Micro Econs. For eg, the application of Elasticity concepts is now full fledged. You have to be good at applying to firms, to governments, and then to consumers.

Throughout the 9 revision lessons, the full range of Exam Answering Techniques (Exam skills such as trend analysis including the more difficult Summarise Variations, Concept & Theory Question, Evaluate Dat Qn, etc will all be covered)

3) Well Paced Out Writing Practices: Timed-Assignments
You will need to practice under time constraints, so that you can internalize the exam techniques asap.

Thus, if you are indeed looking for A-Levels intensive courses for revision, call us asap, so that we can begin to fast track your success in this exams!

Happy Revision!