A-Levels JC Economics

Frustrated with your current exam performance in JC Economics?

Confused with A-level Econs concepts or, worse, with the exam and assessment techniques?

Or simply unsure of what your JC tutor for Economics in school is trying to tell you?

We understand all these because, batch after batch, we come across over a hundred pupils each year, telling us the same things over and over again……


And our response: Economics at “A” levels need not be difficult. In fact, living in Singapore is precisely why you ought to be excellent in it! 

Aiming to be one of Singapore’s top 5 Economics tuition specialist provider, AdamSmith Economics provides the following group lessons:


H1 Economics

H2 Economics

H3 Economics


As of writing, the Econs classes are conducted in Bishan. (Bedok and Jurong (coming soon, to be updated)


Economics Group Lessons’ Coverage
Do you know that, in order to secure your desired distinction grade, you only need to fulfill 3 elements:


a) Content Knowledge – of Econs concepts, theories laws and principles, such as the Marshall-Lerner Condition, the theory of Comparative Advantage, the Law of Demand, the Marginalist Principles, etc


b) Exam Skills & Answering Techniques – for both Econs case studies and essays, a range of both lower and higher order thinking (H.O.T.) skills are expected. As the weighting for H.O.T. skills are larger, you will do well by continuously demonstrating the skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation.


c) Time Management – under exam conditions, time management may prove to be the decider between the elusive grade ‘A’ and ‘B’. Writing frequently on the spot, will boost your time management. In addition, our series of predictions prior to the Cambridge GCE A-Levels will ensure you have the unfair advantage and opportunity the write out the full answer response in advance!

Therefore, for each JC Economics class, the topical lesssons will on average, covers 30 minutes on the new content topics and knowledge, then 50 minuts on the skills set to apply these new content, and finally 40 minutes to complete the writing on the spot.


Do contact us (at https://m.me/adamsmithlc) when you are ready to score for A-Level Econs, get rid of your exam fear for this rigorous subject, make your parents proud, and finally secure your own success now and in the future.

Happy Revision!