“I joined the Post Prelim Intensive Course taught from September to October. The lessons conducted was fun, enriching and memorable. There is always new skills to learn at the end of each lesson. In order to make the lessons more organised, the tutor would tell the class the what topics he would be going through next lessons so that everyone will come well prepared. The materials provided for the lessons are very detailed too. The tutor is a very funny, patient and helpful teacher. Even though the lessons ended late in the night, he would still spend time answering the students’ questions until they have cleared all their doubts. I really enjoyed my learning time at Adam Smith and only thing I regretted was that I wish I could have join the tuition earlier.” Sng Ei Jia National Junior College (NJC) A-Level H2 Economics Singapore


Are you looking for last minute help with your Economics revision?

Do you still desire your Econs distinction?

If yes, then let our popular, properly thought-out and well-designed 7-week (maybe 8-week) A-Level Economics Tuition classes help you to secure your desired grades!

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JC2 Post-Prelims Intensive Revision Class – Main Focus

What you can expect from our Post-Prelims revision intensive courses for JC Economics (Syllabus Codes 8823 / 9757):

  1. Clarification of key Economics concepts,
  2. Impart of higher order thinking (H.O.T.) exam skills, namely, Application, Analysis and Evaluation,
  3. Analysis of common question types + A-Level Paper Question predictions,
  4. Error Analysis – Most common mistakes students make, and must be avoided,
  5. And many more tips and strategies for JC2 & Year 6 students who attend our Economics revision classes.


Unlike other intensive crash courses that you may have come across for Economics, our Post Prelims Econs Intensive Revision Program does not re-teach merely the content knowledge and topics for the subject. Rather, we are talking about the heavy emphasis on the exam techniques that so many students lack for this paper.

And there are NO registration fees, NO materials fees and NO deposit fees.


 JC2 Post-Prelims Schedule 2019 (Click on image to enlarge, or right-click to save)

jc2 post prelim econs revision

JC2 Post-Prelims Intensive Revision – Econs Exam Skills Workshop

For: A-Level JC2, Yr 6 or students who need to sharpen up their exam techniques for their H1 and H2 Econs exam papers

While focusing heavily on the way to secure your distinction by emphasising on the exam techniques of Application, Analysis and Evaluation, the tutor will still highlight the KEY content topics, especially the Singapore context portions, that you must know, in order to be considered well-prepared.


JC2 Post-Prelim Economics Intensive Classes – Lesson Summary:

#1: Macroeconomic Indicators – Economic Performance & SOL Understanding Singapore’s Success Model 
Identification of ALL possible Essay Question Types (Past Year ‘A’ Level exam analysis)
Macroeconomic Models Internalisation of Higher-Order Thinking (HOT) Exam Skills of Application, Analysis & Evaluation

#2: Macroeconomic Aims & Conflicts Priority of Economic objectives including Economic Growth, Unemployment & Inflation
How one aim leads to achievement of other aims or conflicts with other aims
Connections between the key concepts and economic issues
Recent key events in the world (global inflation, global recession): Impacts on Singapore and ROTW
Case Study on Economic Aims

#3: Macroeconomic Problems and Policies Demand- and Supply-Side policies to achieve aim(s)
Evaluation of policies: effectiveness vs appropriateness
Singapore’s policy options on handling recession, inflation, unemployment, external economy and achieving long term sustainable growth
Case Study on Economic Policies
(Here is a tip: SS-Side policies are guaranteed to be tested! Why? And what other policies are very likely to be tested in the 2014 A-Level Econs exams? More details in class)

#4: International Trade, Protectionism, Globalisation & FTAs Theory of Comparative Advantage & its assumptions
Impact of trade on Singapore and other economies
Impacts of globalisation on Singapore & other countries
Use of AD/AS Framework to illustrate consequences Case Study on Trade, Protectionism & Globalisation

#5: Balance Of Payments & Exchange Rates Causes of BOP Disequilibrium
Causes of Currency Depreciation/Appreciation
Policies for BOP Imbalances
Case Study on Exchange Rates
(Hint: This lesson is not to be missed! This is one of the predicted topics for the year. More info in lessons)

#6: Market Failure 1 Divergence b/w Private & Social Costs/Benefits
(Quasi) Public Goods; Merit & Demerit Goods
Positive & Negative Externalities
Policy Intervention with Taxes, Subsidies, Permits, etc
(Market Failure is one topic we over-prepare you, so that regardless of the question patterns, you will be able to conquer the exam questions!)

#7: Market Failure 2 Market Dominance
Imperfect Information & factor Immobility
Income Inequality
Policy Intervention & Government Failure
Case Study on Market Failure (Industry-Focused)

#8: Market Mechanism & Elasticities Application of Demand & Supply Framework
Application of Elasticity Concepts of Demand & Supply
H1 & H2 Economies Exam Paper Prediction
Issue of Economics Handbook (This is what students love the most: topic-by-topic content PLUS exam skills summary, according to the prediction for the year!)

#9: Market Structures Profit, Revenue & Costs (including economies of scale) Concepts Profit Maximisation & Alternative Theories
Perfect Competition & Monopoly
Price Discrimination
Oligopolistic & Monopolistic Competitive Market Structures
Case Study

#10: Updated Predictions for Paper 2 (Essays) [For H2s only] After Paper 1 (Case Study), we will have a session, to update the predictions for Paper 2.

Expect 90% accuracy of our predictions. We guarantee that you will be able to choose at least 4 out of 6 questions with ease! (Note: Lesson sequence may change, according to the progress of the class)


Note: lessons subject to change, as per students’ strengths, focus and requirements.

How to join our JC2 Post-Prelims Econs Intensive Revision Programme?

Confirm your attendance by

Either 1) A bank transfer of a deposit of S$100 to our OCBC Bank Account, 617-879887-001, and kindly forward a screenshot or image to our Reach contact number at https://m.me/adamsmithlc. We will reply promptly to acknowledge receipt of the deposit and your attendance. 


2) Use Paynow. Use ‘53329169X‘ when transferring the lesson fees. Kindly send us a message 9695 – 9650 upon successful transfer, 


2) A cash or cheque payment at our tuition centre [Address: Blk 256 Bishan St 22 #B1-472 S(570256)] on the FIRST day of the lesson.


How much are the lesson fees? And how to make payment?

Each lesson is 3 hours long, so that sufficient a) Content Knowledge, b) Exam Techniques and c) Time Control can be mastered and internalised by students. 

And the total package for the NINE lessons is S$1,080 only. If if making payments of the lesson fees by cheque, kindly make it payable to “Adamsmithtuition.com“, during the FIRST revision lesson.

If you also include the 2 optional H2 lessons (each is 4-hr) for Market Structures, then the total is $1,200 only.


Thank you, and Happy Revision!