Jobs For A-Level Economics Students

Are you searching for suitable jobs for A-Level students, after your own GCE Cambridge-SEAB “A” Levels?

Are you able you to commit until, at the the release of  your A-Level results next year?

If so, we would like to invite you to join our company!

What Do We Do?

Definitely, we are into education, specifically A-Level Econs education.

Do you have to teach, or write exam answers?

NO, unless of course you wish to, to gain the full teaching experience. Otherwise, it is largely a role in operations, administration and liaison.

For example, while we have a several full time tutors who oversee the entire curriculum development for certain subjects, such General Paper, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, we do not have someone on board for say, Geography and English Literature.

Hence one of you role is to liaise with our external Program Consultant – an existing Head of Department of Arts (Geography), who will revisit, revise and confirm the quality of our A-Level Geography programme, on an annual basis.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Liaison Personnel with external Program Consultants

2. Design forms using Google Docs

3. Handling digital media such as pdf, audio, video, etc

4. Managing selected social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc

Jobs For A-level Students – Benefits

We understand that this is a temporary or part time for JC pupils who completed their very own SEAB-UCLES exams. Besides the extra pocket money, more importantly, you are aiming to gain some useful experience.

A. 5-day work week only

B. At least one weekend is a working day

C. Gift for your birthday, and

D. Other benefits

So, if you want to learn useful things and ideas, you are welcome to apply for our jobs suitable for A-Level pupils. Just call us.

Happy Holidays!


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