June Holidays Economics Tuition Program

“Economics has always been a rather difficult subject to learn for me. With Mr Tan’s lessons, it became a vastly more interesting subject to learn and a lot more fun to study. His lessons helps to not only remember your content in simpler and easier ways but also improves your skills in question analysis and so on. As a private candidate, this was extremely beneficial especially when I have no longer access to my school teachers. With his lessons, I managed to get an A for Economics! Thank You Mr Tan!” Lim Xin Hui Private Candidate A-Level H2 Economics Singapore

Are you are looking for June holidays Intensive Revision programme? If yes, we have the right intensive lesson for you!

During the June holidays, we have designed the most comprehensive JC2 Economics revision course for you, so that you can conquer Block Test 2 (BT2), or your Econs Mid-Year Exam with ease. This June Holidays Intensive Revision Programme is especially useful for JC students who have been with their Co-Curricula Activities (CCAs), i.e. the sports and performing arts season. We understand that you have been very busy in April and May during the hectic season. We also realise that of you will like to revisit and improve on the Econs topics taught in JC1, namely

  1. Market Structures,
  2. Market Failure especially on the focus on Market Imperfections, including Imperfect Info, Factor Immobility, etc.
  3. Elasticity Concepts & Applications

  We know what Economics topics you have missed, and the exam skills that you have not learnt for Macroeconomics. (Related: Click here to see our Econs tutors’ testimonials)  

June Holiday Economics Intensive Revision- Programme Schedule 2021

  2021 June Econs Tuition Revision

Case Study Questions Exam Techniques (CSQE)
CS1 – Macroeconomic Indicators, SOL & Economic Performance
CS2 – Macroeconomic Problems & Policies (Unemployment, Growth & Inflation)
CS3 – Market Mechanism: Elasticity Applications & Price Controls
CS4 – Market Failure: Public Goods, (De)Merit Goods & Microeconomic Policies
CS5 – Market Failure: Allocative Efficiency & Externalities

Note: 2.5-hour lesson each
Fees: $100/lesson only. Sign up for any 4 CSQE lessons and get the 5th one FREE.

Essay Questions Exam Techniques (EQE)
ES1 – BOP & Exchange Rates
ES2 – Trade, Protectionism & Globalisation
ES3 – Market Mechanism: Elasticity Applications
ES4 – Market Failure: Divergences & Market Imperfections

Note: 2.5-hour lesson each
Fees: $100/lesson only. Sign up for any 3 EQE lessons and get the 4th one FREE.

Market Structures
MS1 – Profit Max & Perfect Competition
MS2 – Monopoly & Price Discrimination
MS3 – Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly

Note: 3-hour lesson each. You are highly recommended to take the 3 modules of MS1, MS2 & MS3 together.
Fees: S$150/lesson. $400 only for all 3 lessons.

Registration Fee: $50 (waived, FREE due to COVID situation)
Materials Fee: $100 (waived, FREE due to COVID situation)
Dates and lessons are subject to change. Centre reserves the right to cancel or replace a lesson with another.
All lessons are recorded and be viewed unlimited times.

If you wish to attend the June Intensive Course, please confirm your attendance by sending a Whatsapp message to 96959650, indicating the choice of lessons (codes: CS1, ES2, MC3, etc).

If the above dates are not ideal, or if any enquiries, do contact our staff @ 9695-9650.
Limited Spaces Available! Focus on Exam Skill Sets to Excel in JC ECONS.

June Holidays Economics Tuition – Topics & Coverage

Here is what you can expect to learn from this June Holidays Revision Class:  

A) Topical Content Mastery Most JC2 Economics students are required to prepare for the Block Test 2 (BT2), also known as Mid-Year, by learning the full range of topics of Macroeconomics, including the i) macro aims, ii) policy options,  iii) external economy of globalisation & trade, iv) balance of payments (BOP) and v) protectionism.   Furthermore, we will prepare for the main Microeconomic topics of Market Failure. Our tutors will clarify selected key concepts before continuing to the application of such theories and principles, i.e. the exam skills and techniques.  

B) Exam Strategies, Techniques & Skills We will show you how to obtain at least 11 marks (out of 12 marks) for Data Response Questions in your Case Study Paper. Also, for the higher order thinking (H.O.T.) or the discursive question components, you will learn how to provide the most relevant and well-analysed answers, and to secure at least 3 out of 4 marks for your evaluation requirements. And more tips and exam strategies, to be fully revealed in our Econs tuition lessons in June.

    There are no registration fees and no deposit required. So, act fast to attend this intensive revision Econs workshop in the June holidays.   We aim to keep the June tuition lesson dates flexible. If the date is not fitting, kindly contact our tuition lesson coordinator at 96959650. So contact us TODAY. Thank you.    


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