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It is never too late until the very end. Students who require assistance for this subject can contact us and we will work out the best solution for them.

Station located at Bukit Batok Central, and distance away from Bukit Batok Community Club, The Jade Condominium, etc.

Our team of PSLE tutors provide tuition to primary school pupils who study nearby school like Lianhua Primary School, Keming Primary School,

In addition, our tutor do also cater O-Level tuition to students from Hillgrove Secondary School, Bukit View Secondary School.


1)Competent A-Level Economics Tutors

If you have the determination to do well and succeed for this subject, the tutors are more than willing to help you achieve your desired results.

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2)Engaging and Interesting Economics lessons in Bukit Batok

Those tutors in the tuition centres that we recommend are equally experienced as well.

However If you are unable to fit into any of the given tuition slots, just round up 2 or more friends who are seeking help in this subject as well and we will come up with a new tuition slot to accommodate your schedule!

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3)Nearby Integrated Programme (IP) Schools & Junior Colleges (JCs):




Jurong Junior College

800 Corporation Rd, 649809

Walk/Take a bus to Lakeside MRT station(EW26) before taking a train towards Jurong east( EW24/NS1) and then taking another train to Bukit Batok(NS2)MRT station.

Millennia Institute

60 Bukit Batok West Ave 8, 658965

Walk/Take a bus towards Bukit Batok MRT(NS2) station.



Address: TBC





IP econs


Group Tuition



Individual Tuition



*The above tutor rates serve merely as a guide. The actual fees depend on the tutor’s experience (# of years of teaching and tutoring), profile (HOD, JC lecturer or full time private tutor), and educational qualifications attained (Masters in Econs, Bachelor’s degree, PGDE, NIE-trained), etc.