Economics Tuition @ King Albert Park – KAP

A-Level Economics Tuition @ King Albert Park

Looking for the best JC economics tutors who are situated within the area? We would like to help.

Walking distance along Blackmore Dr, and nearby to the following condos of Maplewoods, Floridian, etc.

Our tutors specially cater both primary and secondary tuition for pupils from Methodist Girl’s School.


1)Top A level Economics Tutors

Based on our large Econs tutoring network of over 110 teachers, the top teachers will be selected and provided so that you or your child will excel in their upcoming economics examinations!

Call us @at to secure their services, before their schedules get too full!


2)Good Economics Tuition Centres @ King Albert Park

We can help you contact tuition centres who have some of the most experienced tutors in the area who can offer Econs tuition classes in small groups as soon as possible.

Thus, do contact us @ Alternatively, if you wish to have a new timeslot that will suit your schedule, we can do so. In fact, we will conduct the JC Econs lessons promptly if you have 3 friends or more who require revision lessons.


3)Nearby Integrated Programme (IP) Schools & Junior Colleges (JCs):




National Junior College

37 Hillcrest Rd, Singapore 288913

From Botanic Gardens (CC19/DT9), take a train towards King Albert Park (DT6)

Nanyang Girls High School

2 Linden Drive, Singapore 288683

From Botanic Gardens (CC19/DT9), take a train towards King Albert Park (DT6)

Hwa Chong Institution

661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore

From Botanic Gardens (CC19/DT9), take a train towards King Albert Park (DT6)



Address: TBC




IP econs


Group Tuition



Individual Tuition



*The above tutor rates serve merely as a guide. The actual fees depend on the tutor’s experience (# of years of teaching and tutoring), profile (HOD, JC lecturer or full time private tutor), and educational qualifications attained (Masters in Econs, Bachelor’s degree, PGDE, NIE-trained), etc.