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Are you looking for that elusive quality tutor who will help you or your child advance his/her Economic grades?

Look no further.

Location located at Woodland Road, and near to Kranji Race course.


1) Experienced A-Level Economics Lecturers

Only the most suitable tutor will be provided for your child from our large Economics database. Every tutor that we recommend has to undergo an interview conducted by us in order to assess their abilities before they can be included in our Economics network.

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2) Effective Economics lessons in Kranji


Some people prefer to have group tuition as they can attain and provide collective opinions during group discussions. Students have also feedbacked that they had indeed benefitted more from it.

With regards to tuition centres, we are definitely able to recommend qualified ones as well.

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3)  Nearby Integrated Programme (IP) Schools & Junior Colleges (JCs):





Yishun Junior College

3 Yishun Ring Road, 768675

Walk/Take a bus to Yishun MRT station(NS13) before taking a train towards Kranji MRT station(NS7)

Innova Junior College

21 Champions Way, 737902

Walk/Take a bus to Woodlands MRT station(NS9) before taking a train to Kranji MRT station(NS7)



Address: TBC





IP econs


Group Tuition



Individual Tuition



*The above tutor rates serve merely as a guide. The actual fees depend on the tutor’s experience (# of years of teaching and tutoring), profile (HOD, JC lecturer or full time private tutor), and educational qualifications attained (Masters in Econs, Bachelor’s degree, PGDE, NIE-trained), etc.