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Pre-University Economics Tuition in Lakeside

Effective A-Level Economics Lessons in Lakeside>

Looking for either tutors or tuition centres? We can provide both of these to you!

Station located at Boon Lay Way, and nearby to the following of Jurong Spring Community Centre, Parc Vista Conda

Our tutors specialist giving PSLE tuition to primary school pupils from nearby school such as Rulang Primary School, Shuqun Primary School, Lakeside Primary School.

On top of that, our tutors also conduct O-Level tuition to secondary students from Yuan Ching Secondary School (YCSS).


1)Efficient Economics Tutors

The tutors that we recommend are trained to specifically help you or your child achieve their personal goals for Economics.

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2)Effective Economics Tuition in Lakeside

If you reside or study near Lakeside, you would be able to save the time and opportunity costs of travelling by attending lessons in this area.

Hence, based on the students’ or parents requests, we will source for a truly effective one in the vicinity.

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3)Nearby Integrated Programme (IP) Schools & Junior Colleges (JCs):






Jurong Junior College

800 Corporation Rd, 649809

Walk/Take a bus to Lakeside MRT station(EW26)

River Valley High School

6 Boon Lay Ave, 649961

Walk/take a bus to Boon Lay Mrt station(EW27) before taking a train to Lakeside (EW26)



Address: TBC





IP econs


Group Tuition



Individual Tuition



*The above tutor rates serve merely as a guide. The actual fees depend on the tutor’s experience (# of years of teaching and tutoring), profile (HOD, JC lecturer or full time private tutor), and educational qualifications attained (Masters in Econs, Bachelor’s degree, PGDE, NIE-trained), etc.