March Holidays Econs Intensive Revision Program

Dear JC2 Economics student, how is your Economics so far?

Do you still have little idea on how to structure an economics essay properly? Find out how you can QUICKLY and EASILY obtain a minimum of 18 out of 25 marks for any essay, regardless of micro or macro topics.

To help you prepare for the JC2 March Common Test paper, we have developed a March Holidays intensive revision programme for JC2 (H2 and H1) A-Level Econs pupils during the 1-week break.


March Holidays Econs Intensive Revision – Summary of Coverage

Here is how you can benefit from this Econs tuition classes:

A) Content Mastery

Most JC2 Economics students are required to prepare for the March Common Test (CT), also known as Block Test 1 (BT1), by learning the topics of Macroeconomics, including the macro aims of

  1. inflation,
  2. unemployment 
  3. economic growth
  4. the policy options available to manage these macroeconomic objectives.

Our tutors will clarify selected key concepts before continuing to the application of such theories and principles, i.e. the exam skills and techniques.


B) Exam Strategies, Techniques & Skills

Yes, in order to obtain at least a “B” grade in BT1, you have to begin to demonstrate your ability to use the various Economic concepts.

The impart of higher order thinking (H.O.T.) exam skills such as

  • application,
  • analysis
  • evaluation

will see you knowing exactly how to secure a Level 3 (L3) grading every single time!

When you can display these exam skills, you will be able to

1) Obtain a MINIMUM of 8 marks (out of 10) for every Part A essay that you attempt.

2) secure a MINIMUM of 11 marks (out of 12 marks) for every section of the Data Response Questions in your Case Study Paper.


C) Mock Exam Paper

Students will bring home a mock paper that includes our question prediction for this Common Test.

H1 Economics students: case study paper, while the

H2 Econs pupils:  essay exam paper

Both question papers are centred around A-Level past year papers and curriculum syllabus.

*One more thing you want to note is our reasonable tuition rates. Students who attend this March Intensive revision programme do NOT need to pay for any registration fees, no materials fees and no deposits. So, act fast to attend this revision workshop.*


March Holidays Econs Revision – Table of Topics & Coverage


Topics / Coverage

#1 TOPIC: MARKET FAILURESystematic Approach to Essay: • Analysing question formats and patterns, from the simple ones to the difficult types • Strategic framework to planning your responses within 3-5 minutes • Reviewing key concepts OF public goods, externalities and market imperfections • Partial timed practice in breaking down the essay questions • Full length sample essays to be given away
TOPIC: MARKET STRUCTUREReview of key concepts and profit diagrams of the various market structures • Strategic framework to understand complexity and linkages among market structure • Analysing the 3 main types of questions in Part-A Essays • Comparing (across market structures, theoretically as well as in reality) • Internal and external economies of scale (EOS) • Use of A-Level past year papers to enhance answering techniques quickly 
#3 CASE STUDY WORKSHOP I (MACROECONOMICS)Strategies for Data Response Questions in Case Studies: • Trends analysis • Concept and theory question type • Past years questions analysis • Trial practice for higher order question portion • Model sample answers to Cambridge’s past year exams CSQ for Market Structures: • General patterns analysis • Industry focussed • Recent ‘A’ Level exam’s trends and patterns
#4 CASE STUDY WORKSHOP II (MICROECONOMICS)Causes and effects exam techniques • Demand & Supply Questions • Critical evaluation on macroeconomic policies • Analysing past years ‘A’ Level exam trends • Trial practice in essay outlines • Model sample essays
#5 Macroeconomics topics intensive revision: Emphasis on Content Topics• Macroeconomics aims and problems • Internal Objectives: Inflation, Unemployment and Economic Growth • External Goals: Balance of Payments (BOP) and Exchange Rates
Home Timed- Assignment Mock Exam: with predicted BT1 questions! ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!

Note: The tuition lesson dates are liberal and flexible. If the date clashes with your existing revision schedule, kindly contact our tuition coordinator at ASAP.


If current timings do not fit your busy schedule, let us know and we will change it for you! As of today we have only 9 vacancies remaining. As with all intensive revision basis, our tutor intends to keep the class size relatively small. So call us TODAY!

Thank you, and Happy Revision!


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