National Day Holidays Revision Program

Have you decided to, once and for all, improve your A-Level Economics results? Are you tired of getting ‘U’s, ‘S’s and ‘E’s for your Econs Block Tests and Common Tests?

If so, join us this August for our National Day holidays Economics tuition programme!

With your JC Prelim Exams in mind, as well as the forthcoming A-Levels, we have prepared a skills-oriented JC2 Economics revision course for you, so that you can conquer your preliminary exams with greater dexterity and confidence.

Here is what you can expect to learn from this NDP Econs Revision Class:


National Day Holidays Revision Program – Econs Tuition Coverage

1) Case Study Paper Techniques & Skills

Briefly, here are the set of skills you can expect to learn in this Economics intensive lessons:

1) Learn the 12 types of Economics Case Study questions (that we have painstakingly identified!

With each answering technique being taught, you will be able to ensure at least 11 marks (out of 12 marks) for Data Response Questions in your Case Study Paper.


2) Secure at least 3 out of 4 marks for your evaluation requirements, for the higher-order thinking or the Discursive Question components.


3) Secure 24 out of 30 marks for each Economics case study questions! (H1 Economics & H2 Econs students will highly benefit from this course.


4) The Macroeconomics Case Study Workshop. 

Based on topics of SOL, Macroeconomic Policies and Aims, including BOP and Exchange rates, as well as International Trade & Globalisation, you will conquer this section  with ease.


5) The Microeconomics Case Study Workshop.

With a special focus on topics  Demand, Supply & Elasticities as well as Market Failure due to market divergence and market imperfection, not forgetting the government intervention component of tradeable permits, regulations, property right assignments, etc, you will breeze through this challenge.


2) Economics Essay Paper Exam Strategies & Skills

You will immediately benefit by learning

1) The 3 types of Part ‘A’ essays, regardless of any topic.

2) The 4 types of Part ‘B’ essays, be it Microeconomics or Macroeconomics.

3) The specific techniques of tackling a 25-Mark, No-Part essay question.

Almost all of our students know and are able to attain Level 3 for each of their Part ‘A’ essays, because of each of the 3 types of questions, there is a systematic process to tacking the questions. (Isn’t that what thinking skills is all about: be systematic in thinking?)

After attending this National Day Holidays Economics Revision crash course, you will no longer be surprised how our students can secure 21 out of 25 marks for every essay they answer.

Not only must H2 Economics students attend this lesson, H1 Econs pupils are highly encouraged to be with us as well, as they will learn how to conquer Market Failure, Market Mechanism and Scarcity questions with total ease!
3) Major Content Topics Mastery
In terms of the Economics content, we have set aside a session on Market Structures, a topic many students did not cope well with in JC1.

Is it important for you to manage this topic well? Here is a tip for you:

How many of you know that in the Microeconomics Case Study Question Paper, usually either the 8-mark or 10-mark discursive question comes from this topic??

Hence it is vital that you are well versed with the


1) Concepts of Price Discrimination, Collusion and Non-Price Competition.

2) Theories of Profit Maximisation, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

3) Usefulness of the numerous Economic theories, principles and concepts.


With the key content mastered, we will proceed to essay skills writing and case study paper question handling. To learn the full range of skills, however, we highly recommend that you sign up for the Economics case study and essay tuition lessons too.

With no registration fee and no deposit required, do act fast to attend this August Econs revision workshop.


Details of National Day Economics Tuition Intensive Program, August




Microeconomics Case Study Skills WorkshopDD, SS & ElasticitiesMarket Failure Macroeconomics Case Study Skills WorkshopMacroeconomic Aim – Inflation, Growth, Unemployment, BOP, Exchange RatesPolicies, Trade & Globalisation Macro Essay Skills Workshop:Inflation, Growth, BOP & Exchange RatesSOL and Policies

Micro Essay Skills Workshop:

Price Controls & ElasticityMarket Failure

Note: Additional Lesson (#4) on Market Structures (For prep of Micro Case Study)

  • Perfect Competition & Monopoly
  • Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly
  • Price Discrimination

Our tuition lesson dates are flexible. If the date is not fitting, kindly contact our tuition lesson coordinator, and we will revise our timings for you.


Thank you, and happy revision!


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