Nov-Dec Holidays Econs Tuition Crash Course

“When I first joined the tuition centre, I was really worried about the subject and how I would fare because I was failing my economics throughout JC. However, the tutor helped me a lot and provided really good guidance within the year and I would like to dedicate my success in the ‘A’ levels economics exam to him. Without his guidance, I don’t think I would have managed to do it. ” Ryan Lim RI 2014 A-Level H2 Economics Singapore

Dear JC1 H1 and H2 Economics student, congratulations for completing your JC1 smoothly. Press on for another year, and you will certainly breeze through your JC academic career!

After all, A-Levels is worth doing well. Very well.   As before, you have requested for us to conduct a JC1 Economics tuition bridging crash course in November to December this year.

This holiday Economics tuition revision serves 3 purposes:  

1) Unfortunately, some of you may have to re-sit for an exam in Nov-Dec, in order to be promoted. Hence, we ensure that, through our lessons, you will have the content knowledge and the exam techniques to guarantee yourself a good result.

2) Some of the revision lessons in this Economics Crash Course enable you to revisit the JC1 topics that were not well done. You can easily anticipate that the JC2 Block Test 1 in March next year will surely test these few topics, so it makes sense to be ready for this exam component.  

3) Finally, the remainder of this A-Level Economics Holiday tuition introduces topics of next year, such as Introduction to Macroeconomics, Economic Performance, Inflation, International Trade and Protectionism, etc. By equipping yourself with the necessary content and the differing exam skills required in Macro (many Econs students don’t know there is a difference in the exam requirements), you will conquer this subject with ease!  


JC1 November Bridging Programme – Programme Schedule 2015



Nov-Dec JC1 Econs Tuition Crash Course – Coverage

Here is a brief of the JC1 November-December Holiday revision tuition for Econs: Topic(s) Coverage:  


Macro Indicators: Economic Indicators,

Economic Performance & SOL Macro Aims: Economic Growth, Inflation, Unemployment Macro Policies: Demand-Side Polices (Fiscal, Monetary), Supply-Side Policies  



Market Mechanism: Applications of Elasticity Concepts; Price Controls, Tax Burden & Subsidy Share; Tax Revenue & Subsidy Expenditure

Market Failure I: Public Goods, De(Merit) Goods, Externalities & Policies

Market Failure II: Market Imperfections & Policies – Imperfect Information, Factor Immobility Market Structures: PC & Monopoly; Price Discrimination, Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly  


Exam Answering Techniques Case Study Skills: Data Response Questions and Discursive / Higher-Order Thinking Questions   Optional (TBC): International Trade & Protectionism – Comparative Advantage, Limitations of Theory of CA   Notes:

  1. You are required to choose and attend at least 4 of the topics.
  2. Confirmation of attendance is required. Kindly do so by placing a deposit of S$100 at our Centre. You can also send a cheque to us by mail to our address in Bishan. The remainder of the fees is to be settled in full during the attendance of the FIRST lesson.
  3. The Centre reserves the right to postpone/cancel any of the classes.


If the time/date does not fit your tight schedule, kindly contact us at, and we will revise our timings to fit your schedule.  

Thank you. Happy holidays and happy revision!  


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