One-To-One Econs Tutoring

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Looking for last minute tutoring on an individual basis, so as to still secure your desired distinction grade?

Yes, we believe that miracles can happen! In fact, our team of associate tutors thrive on such challenges. Some of the tuition teachers have done the unthinkable – helped a student from a local junior college (JC) who had been getting grades of ‘U’, ‘S’ or at best ‘E’ since JC1 for Economics. In a matter of 6 weeks, that is, from JC2 Prelims exams to actual GCE A-Level Economics exam date, the student was taught accelerated exam answering techniques for both Econs essays and case studies.

When she received her results next March, she was utterly surprised to have obtained a distinction grade ‘A’ for H2 Economics… We believe private tutoring works. It makes economic sense too, since the pupil was then able to apply to a local university and got accepted, simply of that one grade ‘A’ that paved the way for the learner.


Are there other such instance. Yes, definitely.

Will you wait till the last minute to seek tutoring at home for your killer subjects? We hope not.


Individual Tutoring in Singapore

In Singapore, at least 7 out of 10 school going children attend some form of tutoring lessons or receive tutoring services at their own homes. For Economics & GP, since bother are new subjects, about 8 out of 10 actually receive some form of group or one-on-one tuition help!

With the academic standards being sett higher and higher, it is no wonder that we are known as the world’s largest tuition capital! Indeed, without some coaching on certain academic subjects and topics, we are certain that not any students will survive the rigorous formal education, learning and assessment system, designed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), as well as the Singapore Examinations and Assessments Board (SEAB).

From our annual data, parents’ requests of tutors and informal surveys conducted online, these are the most popular tutoring requests in Singapore right now:


So if you or your child requires an advantage in conquering your/his/her examinations, request for your preferred subject tutor here.

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