Whether you are an existing student, a graduate from Adam Smith Learning Centre, or a fellow or aspiring Economics tutor, we have something for each of you:  

A) Economics Teaching Jobs and Tuition Jobs Would you like to put your learned content knowledge to good use? Or you wish to become a full time tutor? We have various openings for Econs tutor posts, both part-tie and full-time.


More info on Economics tutoring positions here. [Note: if you are a fully qualified, NIE-trained Economics lecturer / tutor, and is considering leaving the school system, and wishes to teach further, do contact us at Contact Us]  


B) Part Time Jobs for Students who are Economics Graduates Perhaps, you love Economics, but not the idea of teaching it. So would you like to write content on your favourite subject instead? Let us know if you are keen on part-time jobs for Econs graduates. Our tuition partners and us are actively looking for Economics writers and editor.  


C) Part Time Internet Marketing Jobs If you prefer to earn an extra income on non-subject related tasks, we do have positions for internet marketing jobs (part-time). (Click for more info.)  


Econs Tuition SG – Opportunities for Aspiring & Experienced Econs Tuition Teachers

D) Classrooms Rentals in Singapore If you aspire to be a full fledged tutor, and wishes to start your own tuition business, we can help! For starters, how about a  fully set-up classroom, ready to conduct your subject lessons right away? More information on classroom rentals in Singapore here.   Thank you.