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Are you a private tutor who has been conducting home tuition for your subject(s) at the convenience of your student’s homes, but wish to expand by beginning to rent a classroom, so as to conduct small group tuition?

Or, are your students from local junior colleges (JCs) who take Chemistry, General Paper, A-Level Mathematics, Physics, etc, who are fairly big sized, and that the room are getting too small for your 17 and 18 year olds?

Or perhaps, you are looking for a classroom for rent, in order to start your tuition business?

For classrooms rentals in Singapore, here are some useful guidelines to help you choose your desired classrooms to rent at any local tuition centres.


1. Location of centres. Ideally, you want a centre near MRT stations. However, the monthly rental fees would be too high, if you only beginning to start your own tuition business.

The next best option is to choose a tuition agency whereby lots of SBS and Trans-Island buses go to. Usually, it means shopping centres like Orchard Plaza, Katong Shopping Centre, Century Square, or neighbourhood centrals such as Bishan, Jurong East, Holland Village, etc.

Instead of the retail rental fees of SGD $8,000 and above, you can go for learning centres who use office spaces to conduct tuition lessons. Usually, the rental is about $3,500- $4,000 per month, for the entire centre.


2. Storey of learning centre. Avoid the first floor or ground floor. Although you may think that the shop space will get a good frontage since it’s on the ground floor, you may be horrified to learn that in urban Singapore, it can be really noisy!

Choose somewhere between 3rd story to 7th storey. Of course, the higher the storey, the lower the monthly rental fee. If you choose only one classroom at say the 5th storey, the rental can be as low as $900, to start with. Would that be a good rate to kick start your education business?


3. Miscellaneous expenses. Be careful, usually, the owner of the centre should quote you a monthly fee that includes all the associated expenditure, such as electrical bills, water usage, replacement of whiteboard, electronic and computerised boards, etc.

Of course, you will be expected to purchase your own marker pens and dusters.

However, you should consider an optional expense which is not included in the stated rental sum, i.e. the marketing of your service to your targeted students.

  • Usually the tuition centres themselves execute their own marketing campaigns such as the delivery of flyers,
  • brochures and pamphlets to the public at MRT stations,
  • directly access to pupils in schools in the morning,
  • placing advertisements on CATS in the Straits Times newspapers, etc.

By sharing costs with the centre, you can lower your advertising costs by a lot. Nicely negotiate with them, and you might even get a FREE 3-month tag-along advertisements done by the learning centres!

Other negotiable services include the

  • photocopying services provided,
  • printing of lecture notes,
  • receptionist service at the shop front to answer walk-in queries,
  • collection of fees by their staff,
  • etc.


4. The price of renting the classroom. The following is a guideline for you to have a better idea on the current classroom rental rates for a single classroom:


We definitely recommend that you opt for the unlimited option. As you are also aware, the word-of-mouth marketing is very powerful in tuition business. Once you get things started, your business will certainly grow.

Not only that, the unlimited package usually means NO restrictions on any subjects, any tine of operation or conduct of tutorials, etc. A marked percentage of tuition agencies in Singapore have various restrictions. For example, they do not allow you to operate at certain timings on weekends. Others forbid you to have lessons too early, say at 9am, or too late, i.e. beyond 9 pm.


5. Nearby amenities and safety. You must expect shopping malls, food centres and many other related facilities nearby. And also, the entire neighbourhood must be very well lit AT NIGHT. Some of your students will be females, so safety is of utmost importance. That’s why shopping centers are often the top choice for tuition business, rather than neighbourhoods, whereby the lighting is relatively poor, and the bus stops can be really quiet.


Classrooms Rentals SG – Classrooms for Rent at Affordable Rates

At Adam Smith Economics Tuition Agency, we have suitable classrooms for rental, and welcome anyone wishing to organize group tuition lesson with us, as long as you are properly qualified. We even have computers in the classroom, for use, at NO CHARGE.

If you are concerned with i) how to get it all started, ii) how to market your tuition services, iii) how to minimise your initial expenditures, advertising expenses and other fixed costs, we have got it sorted out for you.

So what does it mean to you? You can concentrate on conducting your lessons, while we take care of the rest for you (unless you don’t certain things done by us. – for example, many tutors prefer to collect the fees themselves. We perfectly understand this, and respect the tutor’s wishes.)


So if you want to rent a classroom from us, either at Katong, Jurong, and Bishan, kindly call us at, and Ada will arrange a convenient time to meet and view the classrooms.


Happy Teaching!


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