PT Admin & Marketing Jobs

If you are internet savvy, likes to visit social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, forums, blogs, directories, etc, then you’re most suited for the job!

Are you also interested and actively looking for assignments outside your school hours, to gain more income, while working from home, in between your free periods in your undergraduate course, while waiting for your movie to start, while waiting for your friends, etc?


Part Time Jobs – Online Executive Assistant

As an Online Executive Assistant, as long as you have access to the internet, you can perform this task effortlessly!


1) Visit Facebook to create postings,

2) Visit blogs to insert comments

3) Go to Twitter to do tweets

4) Launch a page on Squidoo,

5) Go to forums and make postings, and many more……

You won’t have to create from scratch. We have dozens of templates for you to do the posting, so that you just have to vary selection every time you post.


If you are interested in this post, kindly send us an email. Do remember to include a short resume about yourself.


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