PT Jobs for Economics Students

If you a JC Econs or IB Diploma graduate who are looking for suitable part time jobs for students now, we have suitable vacancies for you! If you are a current undergraduate (especially Economics major students), or one who has just finished your undergraduate University course, and research the job market for the right career opportunities, would you like to supplement your income source, in between your job search, without disrupting your need to search for your dream jobs, updating resumes and attending interviews? If so, we have the right assignments for you! We have immediate vacancies for part-time student jobs available right now!  

Part Time Jobs for Students – Economics Writing Jobs

Vacancies: Associate Economics Writers and Editors This is a very suitable job opening for current undergraduates, GCE A-Level and IB Diploma graduates who have just completed their course. Whether it is part time jobs in the evenings or weekends, if you are looking for student employment, then this job opening is highly suited for you, especially teenagers looking work to supplement their allowance.  



1) Create and Proofread Economics lecture notes and tutorial worksheets. Starting from existing resources, you are expected to update parts of the lecture notes, do research for recent examples and case studies. Every piece of good work needs to be edited and proofread first. You will perform proofreading to ensure no errors in the lecture notes.

2) Design full length sample answers for Economics essays and case studies. You won’t have to design a full answer on your own. Our tutors at Adam Smith Economics Tuition Agency will provide the answer outline. You merely need to create a full length answer based on the given Economics answer scheme. You also do not need to brainstorm for any questions. We have a huge database of questions for immediate use.  


Requirements: 1) At least GCE A-Level, IB Diploma Economics graduates. 2) All current undergraduates, University graduates, existing or retired Economics teachers are welcome to apply. 3) Able to type fast 4) Work from the comfort of your own home and pace. If you are interested in these Economics writing assignments, kindly reply to

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