Economics Programmes

“When I first joined the tuition centre, I was really worried about the subject and how I would fare because I was failing my economics throughout JC. However, Mr Tan, helped me a lot and provided really good guidance within the year and I would like to dedicate my success in the ‘A’ levels economics exam to him. Without his guidance, I don’t think I would have managed to do it.”

Ryan Lim H2 Economics RIJC, Raffles Institution Junior College

Besides Econs home tuition lessons with our trained tutors for students, we at Adam Smith EconomicsHQ (the sole Specialist Econs Tuition Provider in S’pore) conduct classroom lessons in our tuition centre for the following examinations:   GCE (General Certificate in Education) Advanced Levels H1 Economics (Syllabus 8823 / 8819) H2 Economics (Syllabus 9757 / 9732) In addition to regular weekly Econs tuition classes, we have intensive crash courses as well, especially for Econs pupils who are very busy during the sports season and the performing arts CCAs. (More info on the Econs intensive courses here.)  

Our Econs Programmes – International Baccalaureate (IB) Economics Tuition in Singapore

Also, if the busy schedule permits, we also conduct IB Econs tuition lessons for students in Singapore, from ACS (Independent), SJI, etc. If you are keen to attend our 2 free trial lessons, do give us a call at now.   (Visit here if instead, you are searching for qualified and suitable Economics home tuition.)